May 2, 2020

What Color Is Donkey Again?

Vote Blue! Or any, or none. What color is donkey again?Your personal vote will never out-do corporate influence EVER. You simply 'do not count' where it counts most! That is the joke in "election of a lifetime!" They make the guy a living hell so your hand is forced. Then say you win, the other hand gets tipped "supporter" crazy opposition and gridlock in between. Shutdown 13 year olds in suits. The never ending trick and you the ball between two Hands.

The peak polarity has been already been achieved. Ask any numbers expert! It was "Craftily" bred first among the big Numbers. Pools emerged in big data, in came Marketing, and City Hall was on board too, and eternal campaign soon revealed the rivers divide by device in hand. Aimed 'butrussia-bot" and Dukes of Hazard hood and BOOM.  The voting game is icing odds the cake is all. Hair piled high in carriage. Waiting for bad fruit tossed.

Exponentially up or down a show at the polls will make NO DIFFERENCE in the whole game in every End. The 'or else' paradigm is desperate Vegas greed at the craps, trying to win against crooked mob House, and threatening others better divvy in your one bet. 

We did not ever attempt to flatten the curve of politics and thus, lockdown it is. Tell me you talk to Senators. How your voice counts. Yet all swoon count and doth protest any integer that dare not fill the math of two points opposed. Screw that OLD LINE it's Dimension to the People we need restored.

#CitizenUnited stole your voice forever in that booth. #Corporations got human rights. Both #RNC and #DNC are private corporations, not government ANYTHING. A judge just dismissed as small claims court business transaction major proven election rigging by the DNC.

"We have no choice!" is mete fear porn rails for herd worse than any virus #pandemic for every single election is SAME OUTCOME: Polar or nothing. 50/50 and 98% in! Chads and apps! 

All Red Blue and Purple like a bruise. The lie is we all have to go one way or the other to get to the All, the one that's blocked the two ways in same Guard.

Your last meaningful middle class hope in any government say was in portfolio #divestment but they just took that away pretty much. 

So hillbillies all, there's always Kool Aid to blast through DC wall though. Our Moonshine.


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