October 24, 2020

Media (up)Rising

Oh how the Russians and Iranians meddle to logsplit moral proud Amerika!

Except of course --- no foreign State of botched affairs actually own real interest in the corporate sponsored Media -- which ABSOLUTELY planned in Giant Gold tower letters forced reverence slick-cover first, then birthed "on scene" in the 80s Cameo #foreshadow, fattened and TV bigboss catchphrased in the 90s, and turned every minute of every CNN++ day covering his ONE WORD name since.

"You're fired!"

Occupying your very consciousness since bad 80s idolization pink sweater and golf course.

#ButRussia #OperationTPAJAX

September 26, 2020

cardboard Cutouts


Before throwing away without reading huge garish screaming  political post cards... 

Snap a pic of who "paid" for them first.
Your phone will automatically timestamp it so later you can plot out how many come on each day. Then after November take a look.

Corporations own printing presses. Advertisers. Money flows in to campaigns but really is just profit -- for -- the same bozos in media owned by same Corporations donating to campaigns. And you just toss and burn it all! Haha so vote vote vote!

Your vote influenced by #Russia? Does it influence your reps in Congress like the corpo fliers folks do? Is your vote influenced by this high profit not-you interested trash?  But there is that sticker. As in, stuck it to ya. 

How's your coffer lookin?


August 12, 2020