August 10, 2019

Blood Sacrifice, Bank Wall

When #Newsweek said it and no one twitched. Nor followed up apparently. Oh wait - hacking hacks and #RT! Whew. When Orthodoxy claimed old trope. 

But, bank of America lobby Great Work no envelope.

When examined at length, the actual players and horrific chronology of the  "Russian" Revolution though -- a hundred years ago not far --  will still give you great context to the events of WW times two quickly following, with their biblical trenches of dying and filth, on to atomic hellfire innocent shells in Japan, leading to now with a bit of "terrorism" old as red hat rising on top for Cherry taking. This 'desert' long in the making, and no, the other s is left out this time.

Hegel well that Ends well! Dialectic is electric! Blood for stars. The polarization of politic and pulverization of poverty in great phases of 7 billion souled Alchemy. Vassals & Vessels. The use of prefix on conquest word. The imposition of History on genetic flowering. The importing of explosive civil wars and "color revolutions" to domestic tranquilities...

...all of it brought via Teslan spell by #PNAC, #BehemianGrove and City States so old -- their etched geography roads, laughing and having a 'ball' as you worship their literal glowing orange idol.

An aptly named Card.

Is trope a Wall?