January 11, 2019

Enemy Laughing

Know what's funny?

That your #news doesn't mention this!

They cover instead #House people voting on which things to fund right now (Americans' lives used as #BiPartisan bargaining chips). There is just Party! Enemies within, sworn duty.

They don't mention the thieves and traitors in the #Senate voting over and over like repeal Obomacare right now to send your money overseas and pay another country's army while crying poor here.

While the Coast Guard and TSA #portsofentry wide open unsecured by unpaid furlough for we must have #Wall for American Security one dirty place now!

News ruse on you!

There is a #NationalEmergency. There is a crisis at all borders right now! You will actually post memes crying they is neither. Trump's a ruse! Your true enemy chokes on #dividend guarantees while no heat or soup for YOU.

They entertain you, silly #media! Hollywood binge series, that a shut down "rolls on" and what week and which first #paycheck poor average Joe missed.

#ShameOnYouSheep #Rage

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