January 15, 2019

Commie Con

Why is it such an issue to scream about? Who do I go on?

Because you don't. Because you have been tricked by twice-wearing mask but point to Bogeyman while ignoring House rat. Because traitors from within no News.

When they say "military aid" it really means a legal, binding American taxpayer debt contract to Israel right from under our poor noses. More binding than a UN Resolution.
Aid = foreign bribery, terrorism, theft of Treasury

1. Money that came in first through AIPAC donations bought both party's Senators and Reps to ensure money went out to Israel in Session my #Congress

(foreign collusion and undermining of Democracy)

2. Favor is returned with a check for $4 Billion at the beginning of the year for each year for 10 years, interest bearing, which then flows to Israeli defense department coffers and to fund security R&D for private for-profit Israeli design firms to develop military technology

(you pay #taxes to create Israeli #jobs, not your own in America)

3. The prototypes are live tested on human refugee populations caged in an open air concentration camp known as #Gaza, with machine guns tanks and jets on all sides including ocean. No one in no one out. Women and children shot in the head by elite soldier in all the latest like fish in a barrel from high grade sniper weaponry on hills dug by bulldozer above.
(war research on live human targets - as seen before in History and like, in remembrance museums)

4. The new military technology then is sold to the world as "battle tested" at a #profit - not to the American economy but to Israel's.

(Israel's profits and overall GDP goes up, America goes into debt and keeps closing services to its own citizens in "#shutdown")

They have to purchase stuff to kill more people from the US too but this is the gist of it. It's not military aid at all. It's #genocide and profit for a foreign country.

5. Spade for what it is, Trump, and sure as shit it ain't #Russia. The US Treasury is being robbed by someone else.Unless of course we mean the former Russian Soviet era communists who moved to Israel in the 90s. Which is a lot. One became Defense Minister even. Think of that! So maybe it is OLD Russia after all!

("The Americans" may be pretty true but not the Federation)

 "Shif was a founding member of the Zionists Forum, a Russian immigrant advocacy group that was the precursor organization to Israel B’Aliyah, a Russian immigrant party founded by Sharansky that won seven seats in its first Knesset election in 1996.

The party merged with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party in 2003, helping to cement the mounting political influence that has been a hallmark of Russian success and another distinguishing feature of Russian integration. "
#UnderNewNames #KnowYourHistory #MSMFail #BDS #NationalDebt #Robbery

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