December 1, 2018

Seven Guilty Pleas

And yet STILL, not one real charge of Russian collusion has been prosecuted nor proven to date.

Every indictment so far is about lying to Agency or slapping rich people for money tricks. Many even, long before campaign association in a Real Estate mogul TVstar Rolodex, not Executive Branch orgchart.

#Oligarchy is no crime. That's what they ALL do you ninnies! That's what they count on and that's why they roast a few for #show. So you won't see true crime! Borders are meaningless to world capital Reserve and global centered Bank disguised as "Federal."

#Elite entrapment and worthy crime, sure. But no foreign political "collusion."

That shit's status quo no matter who's in. And thats the point. Look, I'm No 45 game Show host lover, but this is simply establishment bereaucrats using a-political agencies for pursuing political scandal of choice. To give illusion of guilt to original suspicion by barrage. Which yes is an old Party cult trick.

But original suspicion has never been shown true in one verdict - fact. Show me. Not the rooster tail, but the cock spewing the fecal spray.

TV will repeat mantra now 'guilty of collusion.' Like that, all one phrase. What they won't ever say is when found that exact charge.

Blame #CitizensUnited. Blame lobby and business model politic in Party private corporation. 

#Russiagate #Toolkit #Mudslinging #whereistheverdict #rightwordsmatter

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