December 28, 2018

Not War, Genocide

Not State. Forty Fridays of rightful protest against occupier #Colony. Every week more, over 240 natives so far have been murdered by insolent Columbus 21st century.

Not border. Illegal #Pioneer "security" fence. Israel has no official borders until the question of #Palestine is settled per UN Resolution granting its statehood.

Not police. Refugees under military #siege are uprising against foreign invader armed forces and settlers stealing their generational lands and homes and #killing civilians to do it.

Not clashes. For there is no fighting army jets tanks and drones with stone. Though they do!

Not riots. They are on their own land, burning, being murdered across a field by sniper.

Not terrorist. The #indiginous have right to resist imperial expansionist state oppression by any means necessary.

Not paid for. No more my dime, or time served crime for opposing, this horror of kidnapping and killing children ignored by #wholeworld.

#SaveGaza #GRM #Genocide #Gaza10 #BDS

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