November 30, 2018


Color Revolution is the trademark of the single global invader usurper machine designed to dismantle and eradicate the middle classes.

Over and over in Capital it reigns , this same pattern of History. Collapse and unrest is its goal ... to weaken and Balkanize strong nations with imaginary lines and flared sheeples. Internal laws are written out of State Chaos is introduced from outside influence into the streets of the victim State, it does not rise naturally in grass roots.

Hegeletarians unite!

Think it's not coming to Merika? Get ready for the Red & Blue. And a House all white.

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November 20, 2018

Talking House Says

Today the White House said it stands by Saudi butcher block speech freedom guy. And the memes are flying in outrage downstream.

Why is everybody so upset?
Nothing new here!
Y'all ignored it before so what's up?

Get off high horse hypocrisy and find some humanity.

This is the same President (and #Congress) that continues to "stand by" #Apartheid colonial project Israel, and they are much worse! That "ally" shot dead 60 unarmed protesters in just one day during the opening of the Embassy while dignitaries and Trump daughter alike laughed a block away from the carnage.

Nobody said a thing then (well some did, but certainly no vast outrcy of screaming meme-ies as is here invoked) about being #horrified.

It took chopped up Turkey to see. Guess those poor souls weren't "reporter" enough for moral outrage.

An entire indiginous people is locked down under military operations and prisons, armed soldiers in livings rooms kidnapping children at night.

Inhuman beings in uniform to whom we GIVE $10 million each day US dough, continue to murder unarmed women, medics and children frim 600 meters away across a fortified fence.

Oh, they murder #reporters there too. They just shot an #AP reporter yesterday! All this, and your taxes pay for the ammo and tear gas and bombs and bulldozers committing genocide.

You stand by all that. Not a peep.

I'm not using 'you' in the 'better than' sense here. I'm using it in the sense 'as I.' There ARE things you can do. Certainly, not stand. Certainly not scream at only some of the moral questions in just certain acceptable instances. It's the SAME everywhere when the state targets and murders #reporters.

An injury to one is an injury to all.

When the House of White can talk that'll be the day. Me here and you, ignore that talking house. #Hollywood just raised $60 million more in a celebrity tax and billionaire write off for #charity to fund the atrocious foreign army commiting these world violations of humanity..

The magic of Hollywood. Where crime is a fashion.

#morals #SaudiDistraction #hypocrisy