September 18, 2018

Knee Deep Cooper & Hurricane Jr.

Pentagon interned- Vanderbilt newsguy versus marketing handlers for 45 & Son same table walnut round and campaign launched.

Twitter indeed. News responds! That social media! Not the big M kind. Everybody is falling for the stunts and trapeze. The oldest trick mob Book. 1984 and Idiocracy's abandoned streetbaby.

(small snake swims by)

You're all watching the ballgame over there and not paying attention to the war uncupped there, and there, and there. Where we're wreaking biblical, sinful death to millions of innocent civilians by advanced war machines and economic extortion on poor people world-wide.


This eternal sideshow we have elected, and I do not mean the Baron, is an election campaign stuck in loop. The gimmick, it is sweet! Supporters through term! It just reeks of Mensa thinktank war-op and I am so tired of trenches.

And sloppy ditches on air versus the dead.

#FakeYous #Shame

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