August 17, 2018

Senate Adopts Resolution

Yeah. They all shook hands on this one. I dunno bout you, but when my government says don't look I do. When it says not enemy it very well may well be.

What a political ruse aimed right at you!! I ask you ... what is a "democratic institution" in a bona fide plutocracy?

No different than the extreme right passing  superfluous "religious freedom" protections in addition to existing protections enshrined already in Amendments so numbered Supreme Law of land.

Congress is chock full of the same wealthy elite in golf club bed with 45 and the very media moguls gatekeeping true fact from the American citizenry.

So hurry pass laws saying head guy is wrong when he says...

"The Press is lying enemy!"

But Blanche, it is. 

Not solely about 45 but it lies through its proverbial teeth every day and yes is NO FRIEND  to us "consumers" of "outlets." Best interest is a buck, and sorry to say it ain't yours. What is "the Press?" Guys n gals with paychecks! And bosses! The Press is PART of the system not free from it. Literally, embedded in tanks. 

Moron that later, the headlines scream.

The scrolling tally dead. 

The enemy regime.

'Who lies to you is who is trying to control you' is a very old addage indeed.

Legislating a catch phrase is one thing.  Granting guarantee to #FourthEstate an immunity to multinational capitalist corpo cabal, quite another. Too bad they too pad DC suit pockets.

#fakenews #mediamergers #syndicate #aljezeeraDocoSupressed

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