July 17, 2018

Don't Buy It

Enough! I blame Hollywood and demographic programming militarily managed in execution: Jade Helm, Facebook, TV, predictive analytics.

1) DJT-45 was long before 2016 manufactured on book covers, the WWF, talk radio, game shows and catch phrases to dumb down an engineered demographic voting bloc at home. All whilst flying around with the world elite for years - Davos, ski summits, all places of international intrigue and photo opps with the top echelons of power. Even the Clintons. His brackish brute style is not only known in these circles, it was PLANNED.

2 ) Glasnost and internationally shared shuttle & space station missions were suddenly out-done by a TV show from Hollywood set in the 80's where Russians are sleeping spy agents still playing out the cold war and not matching reality. Sneaky prime time wins! These guys are all communist sleeper cells and Russia is our adversary! ...says Hollywood drama. And you on your couch.

3) Now, name every crime show you ever watched. FBI and CIA and even Police shows. Other than "Friends" that's about all we had anyway was crime shows. Oh my the heroes! Problem is, the FBI and CIA both are proven black ops liars both to the American people and abroad, and have killed Americans and innocents around the globe. That's fact. They are far from heroes and not to be trusted at face value when lips are moving. By default of occupation.

So media, the thing that birthed it and the thing it says it is enemy, is really the one lobbing a long range missile from the hills of Hollywoodland USA, not the Kremlin but the Academy.

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