February 16, 2018

But NPR Said It

This an absolutely ridiculous assertion and embarrassment to "Journalism."


There are many influences diving America on Social Media and in the MSM - not all of it is Russia or even the bulk of it comes close to havoc wreaked by our own domestic and PAC-paid advertising. This article is full of holes, like:

"Data collected by the site over the past few months suggests that Russian social media accounts are now regularly seizing on divisive or tragic news to rile up segments of American society."

What? The news IS divisive. Anyone can do that and it is not "partisan" to do so. Facebook, Twitter and the like are GLOBAL forums not National infrastructure. Don't like global heat get outs global Kitchen.

Calling out USA for what it is and its state now is NEWS not politics. Eroding trust in US Government was LONG before Trump, long before mass shootings. Citizens United eroded trust. Patriot Act eroded trust. Right to Work laws eroded trust. Anti-free Speech BDS laws with over 270 sponsors erodes trust. Abuses for FISA Court spying on American citizens erodes trust.

Shall we go on?

It's the establishment, our own Congress and media, that wants you to believe in Bogeymen, because they are on the Truth & Trust offensive against the American People. Check the voting record. Which lobbyists get to your politicians while you can't? That's what you should be raging about!!

Not propped up regimes or funny rooftops overseas!

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