February 24, 2018

Oh Shut Up Dot Com

Social media is just an evolution of DARPA, out of which the Internet as we know it was born.

Networks of influence and demographic targeting were virtually built in toolkits that were the very impetus for "privatization" of this global networking system, if that's what you want call a corporation in Los Angeles named ICANN.

In other words, the US military researched, invented and prototyped the very corporate-controlled thing they say evil Russians now wield against us.

Nonsense! Sounds to me it's all working just as the War Department designed.

February 18, 2018

Congress' Paychecks

The wealthy elite belong to no one Nation. They belong to the globe and travel at will.  They have many homes all over and want it that way.

They spend billions on booze, baubles and yes, elections. Legal tender USA too, these Citizens united.

Occasionally, golf club factions spat and they take it out in the populace like Olympus did poor mortal wretches below.

How they will fear Far East and forget the carnage Middle! they laugh, and jump another Monopoly square your H&R block.

February 17, 2018

Media Culpa

There's only so much Bullwinkle I can take.

"In his first criminal charges related to election meddling, Mueller accused 13 Russians and three Russian companies of an elaborate effort to disrupt the 2016 presidential poll with a covert trolling campaign"

The crime is insidious! "...disrupt the 2016 presidential poll." Is everyone just blind to words now?

You can't just swap 'em out like that and still mean the same thing, you know. If you choose to read, the charge is not the election, it's the polls! What meaningless drivel to Black's or even applied Maritime Merchant Law to land District is this? Oh I know. Is it .... the International CNN-Nielsen Treaty?

Be careful your minced words, Democracy so scared. Show me the statute writ large UN or otherwise about OPINION polls. They are just collected data points from private sector companies for MEDIA consumption to predict outcomes and guess what - INFLUENCE ELECTIONS.

"Polls" are not government institutions, and social media is not sovereign to one Nation. Do you know how much is spent on "physical trolls" to influence polls? Fake non-profit for education Orgs, anonymous PAC ads, Robo calls and big-inked mailbox junk post cards aside? Our problem is not Trump. Our problem is not Russia. Our problem is our divide and neither of those two alone got us there.

Our problem is very pissed off Media that does not know how to deal with non-corporate control of information widely and instantly available to the public. And one thing this Media does very well since its Disney interception with the Military and yielding a magic wand made of Holly Wood is create epic evil Nemesis.

Plus, we do it to elections and governments the whole world over, and International reputation, far more damaging in the world today, descends to laughing stock for even making the accusation.

from dictionary.com by definition and I quote:


an intervening agency, means, or instrument by which something is conveyed or accomplished:

Words are a medium of expression.

February 16, 2018

But NPR Said It

This an absolutely ridiculous assertion and embarrassment to "Journalism."


There are many influences diving America on Social Media and in the MSM - not all of it is Russia or even the bulk of it comes close to havoc wreaked by our own domestic and PAC-paid advertising. This article is full of holes, like:

"Data collected by the site over the past few months suggests that Russian social media accounts are now regularly seizing on divisive or tragic news to rile up segments of American society."

What? The news IS divisive. Anyone can do that and it is not "partisan" to do so. Facebook, Twitter and the like are GLOBAL forums not National infrastructure. Don't like global heat get outs global Kitchen.

Calling out USA for what it is and its state now is NEWS not politics. Eroding trust in US Government was LONG before Trump, long before mass shootings. Citizens United eroded trust. Patriot Act eroded trust. Right to Work laws eroded trust. Anti-free Speech BDS laws with over 270 sponsors erodes trust. Abuses for FISA Court spying on American citizens erodes trust.

Shall we go on?

It's the establishment, our own Congress and media, that wants you to believe in Bogeymen, because they are on the Truth & Trust offensive against the American People. Check the voting record. Which lobbyists get to your politicians while you can't? That's what you should be raging about!!

Not propped up regimes or funny rooftops overseas!

Talking to an Agent

That meme going around: what do all these shootings have in common?

Shows an army gun, but my bet's: "all were known suspects being investigated or had direct contact with the FBI" and even if wrong I'd be more than half right.

If the shooter was already under federal investigation for threatening to do what he did... What does investigation look like?

A manila file folder on a walnut desk?
Following the kid to a gun store?
Watching him day of crime?

You gotta ask these things.

February 15, 2018

Wrong Part

The Second Amendment was never about guns.

Arms is a wide and purposeful word.

What it says is the People will be responsible for their own protection, and as such, shall have the rightful access to weaponry and regular drilling with it at that.

"Gun laws" just bans capitalism for some people, the arms will be around. Such armament is already bought and sold in huge contracts by the ton all over the world on your dollar and watch. And given outright to proxy murderers. And shippers.

Every one else on the globe will have guns and you bought 'em. That's the joke, and nothing is random at home.

February 4, 2018

Except After See

And to the rhetoric
for which we all fall
we'll have
pun, pun pun
gotta run
before you can crawl
we'll have
pun, pun pun
'till Daddy takes
the t-word away

February 3, 2018


Corporations gave us "small print" and fast talking end of ad for the essential real information we need for safety and protection.

In other words found ways to almost dismiss reality, get it out of our attention while still there. They gave us advertising, actual conspiracy to make legal propaganda against consumer best interest to get them to buy things. 

To trick people!

And now corporations are People, forking cash to senators and running all our News.

So what is it that makes you think Trump or two sniveling Parties are even at the head of this Snake again?