October 2, 2017

Stays in Vegas

"Senseless" act. Is there any other kind? Is there a mass shooting case where it does make "sense?" Ah, military. To mow 'em down while in uniform is ok. Outside that is same act just crazy out of costume.

The subliminal foundation we actually support as sensical, holds up the senseless, and our minds go on pretending the random one in public cannot be fathomed by any reason.

Like the two pots you smoke for same high - medical and recess. Like remembering "terrorism" is what states do to control publics. Not the jackoffs reloading on tin roofs. Stop selling arms. Stop war. Stop the need for them not the need to hoarde.

Ban international sales and home all at once and let's see the result. Countries and people.  It's the same sellers.

Maybe then brands will then bleed for  for a change.

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