October 13, 2017

Frock of Seagulls

Watch the pieces birdies!

This is part one of a two-step Iran deal. US wants to label Hezbollah and elite guards as terrorist entities. We lost regime change and made refugee sea in Syria, but need permission to bomb who really took out ISIS with other bad guy Russia.

We were only supposed to look like we were fighting ISIS and they took em out! How are we gonna bomb other sovereign places now?

Iran cannot be a power in the ME say two other places, with our bombs and boys. Just two peoples on the map:

Saudi Arabia

One is a brutal kingdom, not a Democracy, violating daily basic human rights and spreading Wahabi terror everywhere.

The other is a borderless, ethnic-religious state, something denied to Caliphate, and equally brutally law breakingly awful on the human rights record. And directory lobbies the US domestic government with a registered legal PAC.

Iran has not attacked a single nation and stay pretty much at home unless called on by friends in need.  America however has firepower and based all over the globe.

So, why are we in bed with such awful Mafioso religio influence who regularly slaughter the innocent people of the Middle East region? Easy! Cuz we're awful greedy murderous bastards who trick taxpayers into patriotism, and our leaders are syndicate approved thieves who made deals with rich desert Cabals and some wealthy white European invader colonists there.

Imperial wretch.

Oh yeah. The ol' two-step. Dancin' USA.

October 7, 2017

Down With OCCCRP

Not only is the Pentagon lying and covering up but Congress mocks you too.

BIRN and OCCRP reports confirm (and reporters have been fired for doing so too) that the US government already uses YOUR tax money to go buy lethal automatic rifles and weapons from former Russian bloc states and hands them out to terrorists to brutally slay and mutilate innocent civilians in places we ban from coming here.

To change regimes. While they use Russia as Bogeyman.

In other words, we are idiots to ask for a ban on buying weaponry domestically. Because we all are already buying lethal automatic weapons that kill whole hordes of innocent people ever day.

Billions of your dollars.

But... don't you dare buy one for you!

October 2, 2017

Stays in Vegas

"Senseless" act. Is there any other kind? Is there a mass shooting case where it does make "sense?" Ah, military. To mow 'em down while in uniform is ok. Outside that is same act just crazy out of costume.

The subliminal foundation we actually support as sensical, holds up the senseless, and our minds go on pretending the random one in public cannot be fathomed by any reason.

Like the two pots you smoke for same high - medical and recess. Like remembering "terrorism" is what states do to control publics. Not the jackoffs reloading on tin roofs. Stop selling arms. Stop war. Stop the need for them not the need to hoarde.

Ban international sales and home all at once and let's see the result. Countries and people.  It's the same sellers.

Maybe then brands will then bleed for  for a change.