September 30, 2017

Operation Songbird

So the mayor is lazy in wiped out Territory? Where you aimed a third whammy wary our need? Tweet tweet tweet the virulent hate.

Do people think this man, this bloated character created by media itself, is REALLY tweeting this crap?

Wake up. That's no man, it's a scripted operation -- lawmakers hand in hand with headline makers, one ran to look like a man so we all scream foul at him while the richies rape us blind in Congress. Operation Songbird, the Don in charge like in the movies, Mafia propped and real power in the wife and her lasagne.

Anyway...the Wizard of Oz showed you endgame.

Nobody has that many thumbs free in a day with a POTUS schedule alone. We have to stop falling for this. I mean, for heaven's sake the "vetted" name alone.

Stop getting angry at "him." At "his supporters." Stop thinking Spongebob the cartoon is so real you live underwater in a head next door.

We wanna help PR? Push cruise lines consumers! Press truck driver Unions! Fly them there like troops ourselves godammit. We'll do it.

Screw your stupid cartoon, Congress, we got this.

September 21, 2017

Jesus Is One Thing

Oh Morgan. Russia really? Your McCarthy Reiner proxy lie. How I watched it and recoiled.

Thought of Winston and the Ministry of Truth. Remembered twice dismembered SS Pancreas Osama spelled mailroom want-ad first letter, oddly U.

This Hyperbole Electric Company has me  dry vomiting for a Land and People we used to freely be.

September 15, 2017

Freedom is Not See

You are not free.
Because technically you live in a military dictatorship. Ya. They don't want you buying AK47s here at home but are willing to spend your money buying them for random terrorists overseas. YOUR hard-earned dollars. YOUR lack of refund in February. YOUR more than 15% out of pocket.
Without your consent. Just the OK from rich guys with military corporate "interests" aka Congress. Your money. Your morals.
Billions on millions needed here at home for hurricane cleanup and Medicare continue go to Balkanized Russia gun factories (where we intervene politically) to slaughter civilians in Syria while we cry Russia is intervening in America.
Bottom line - foreign aid AND proxy war for conquest are draining your pockets dry and sinking America in the global eye. Sorta like someone in the 1930s we know. And you have NO say in how your money is spent.
So much for freedom being defended.