July 12, 2017

Kozmo Not

So on the Trumpy Jr. emails bandwagon I just saw a comment out there that is pretty poignant in consideration of "meddling." There was no actual dossier, only a hired report about one. 

"Meanwhile, same month,
Hillary's Election Team paid $million's to ex-UK-spy Christopher Steele to go bribe Kremlin people for made-up "dirt" on Donald Trump. I guess THAT Russian meddling is FINE, since all the DeepState-controlled MSM ran with the "Dirty Dossier" story."

Meddling is a term they used on Scooby Doo.

All nation states have spies and do covert things to each other all the time, including at election time. We do it to them and they do it to us. Been that way for years! And not just Russia but Israel (AIPAC) and other huge benefactors since "Citizens United" said money is speech.

It's all a joke! Anyone out of country (or another country) with the cash and cover can filter it through and "influence" any election. The Social Media and hacking dirty letters are total red herrings and I am sick of it.

OK on the space station but enemy ball below.

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