July 31, 2017

Pigeon Lady

If all this Circus distraction, then look at who's tossing the bread!

Parrot Bay

Okay, TV, swipecast and drive time:

Remove "sources say" from every "news" story and try it again, only this time with authority.

No? Thought so.

July 22, 2017

Felony Schmellony

Go ahead.

Dismiss it if you will obsessive rant, but it affects you at the core if Democracy that's all. So go rant Russia and have a Latte--da.

Others, do go on!

My enrage is this. The Judicial branch of our own Federal government should NEVER punish an American citizen with prison and fines over the simple criticism of policy of a foreign country.

Estpecially with UN backing in fact.

Worse, one such singled out nation writ large our domestic Law and paid billions a year our tax dollar.


Democrats are traitors confirmed no stolen email for this! Treason's the reason my friends.

So go sip on that little Russian, doll.

July 16, 2017

Re Touched World

Mickey Mouse and GI Joe been at it quite some time. DARPA doodle day.

All this technology and where have we left truth? Your friend's boring drone at cafe my friend.

That's where.

July 14, 2017

Tiepin Taipei

Screw every politician wearing a lapel pin of a flag. Tilted right.
Utter bullshit. Ridiculous.
Thoughtless pinprick squeezing a nose o'er needle while Windsor in the mirror their morning ties.

July 12, 2017

Kozmo Not

So on the Trumpy Jr. emails bandwagon I just saw a comment out there that is pretty poignant in consideration of "meddling." There was no actual dossier, only a hired report about one. 

"Meanwhile, same month,
Hillary's Election Team paid $million's to ex-UK-spy Christopher Steele to go bribe Kremlin people for made-up "dirt" on Donald Trump. I guess THAT Russian meddling is FINE, since all the DeepState-controlled MSM ran with the "Dirty Dossier" story."

Meddling is a term they used on Scooby Doo.

All nation states have spies and do covert things to each other all the time, including at election time. We do it to them and they do it to us. Been that way for years! And not just Russia but Israel (AIPAC) and other huge benefactors since "Citizens United" said money is speech.

It's all a joke! Anyone out of country (or another country) with the cash and cover can filter it through and "influence" any election. The Social Media and hacking dirty letters are total red herrings and I am sick of it.

OK on the space station but enemy ball below.

Vanderbilt Ball

The same story goes generation after generation : humans slaughtered in streets and filthy garages at the hands of inhuman imposters. Listen to the stories and ask if they are such.


It goes the same way every time, citizens beaten beaten beaten rape rape kill by wandering armed thugs. For kicks. Literally.

While a legitimate state government pays and supplies them or willfully ignores moral duty, and it's Russian Revolution genocide again like you never heard.

Now how do you think they trick folks into paying for the all the guns bombs batons boys and bombs for the story to go on? And supplying fresh enemy meat to rip into?

Mickey freakin Mouse and Form 1040EZ, refund all yours. When the wealthy entertain, indeed.

July 4, 2017

And You Were There

holiday night.
the bombs
bursting in air,
and not a one
hitting the mark
as over there,
whole houses
like Dorothy gone.

Only dead,
not dreaming
of shoes.

At Liberty

Happy Froth y'all!

In the "well what can we do" fizzed firework department, easy! Just pledge to start swapping use of these everyday words going forward:

"Republic" for democracy
(the point of Leonard's song)

"Liberty" for freedom
As in "at" versus just got outta jail

Your friends will twisty face at first and not know why. Slowly though-- the bitters will kick in, and soon, no more dependance Day!

"I am not at liberty to discuss this sir."

Oh no? Get outta my way then... because I am.

I am American.

July 2, 2017

Red Barone

All this grrrr hate the Russian bogeyman and um..aren't we stuffed into a tin can up there in space with 'em right now? I mean, talk about military access same cockpit and fruitcup.

Yes we dropped em off with Frenchie in June but just April while we skyrocketed Syria... It was still Uber Soyuz to the panels in the sky our boyz.

"Space Stationed" while at war, big ball below.