June 27, 2017

Words like Hun

So tired of Orwellian word tricks to the masses.

"US forces in Syria have also been empowered to defend themselves and their allies against attack, which has led to a string of recent clashes with pro-regime forces competing for the same territory."

No, there are no "pro-regime" forces fighting for the "same territory."

There is only a sovereign country we invaded and bombed illegally, and its government has every right to use its own army and chosen allies to repel ALL hostile foreigners attacking it to protect its citizens. The US is in harm's way illegally. No right to be there. So Syrian forces are not COMPETING for territory -- they are regaining what was and is theirs back from a hostile invading force under false pretense.

Defending against, not combat with.

The US is NOT protecting Syrian citizens - that's the hogwash here. In fact we just banned all their women and children and asylum seekers from our shores while shelling their villages and  towns with bombs!! The other part of the word tricks is this "regime" business substituting for "state" where Syria is the ONLY secular state amid the religious extremist region of the Middle East - including Israel. America is a regime.

All of the other ME states are religious fundamentalists and monarchies who violate human rights daily, except for Syria which is secular, and the West wants to knock that shit right off the map because it upsets the divide slaughter and conquer motif we've been doing for decades.

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