February 22, 2017

Insert Black Death

Ah the irony of our new well drill concurrent Easter Standard State thug evacuation order indigenous 2 PM sharp.

They should be mandated to build an oil bib, not beat and arrest Indians. Treaty schmeaty we needs oil. Your land and water as God? Screw you! It's to be used you savages!

Deadly petroleum disaster in pipe above fresh aquifer. Nature at risk and the report banned saying so.

But "get outta the way my big gas car!" you scream at "protester," sharing your very road home.

Water bottle back seat, for now.

February 9, 2017

One Two Three Another Doll in Thee

Moral equivalency world book for "good" actors according to NPR guest (on the Russian thing):

1. You can't just go annex your neighbors

2. You can't just go bombing your neighbor"s cities to rubble

3. You can't go meddling in another country's electoral and legislative system

1. Russia and Crimea
2. Russia and Allepo
3. Russia and Hack attack


1. Israel annexing Palestine
2. Israel decimating Gaza
3. Israel bankrolling Congress

...and making laws against free speech for criticizing one and two. While our taxes pay them millions a day. Russia is a total ruse, and we all fall for it like the Berlin Wall.

Settlements. And cash prizes all.