January 29, 2017


I call bullshit. The Ft. Lauderdale shooter was interviewed by the FBI -- they let him go. Pulse Nighclub? Same thing! Boston Marathon?

I'm almost every case the FBI has spoken to or had in custody before their murdering spree the very terrorists they first let go. How bad a job is that?

Don't ban entry ethnic effigy, fire FBI!

January 24, 2017

The Short of It

It's utter Blitzkrieg, meant to overwhelm you.

Take a step. Rest. You're not even shot... yet.

Look My Sign

We've BEEN fighting. We've endlessly protested. Shit's always been serious.  Crowds of people... and signs!

Cue: BofA creepy lobby mural of people with blank protest signs and barbwire.

Nothing changes with added fury.

Time to say WHATEVER to the deluge of antic in stream and LEAVE THAT FLOW. Consume TIME on something else rewarding to your Spirit. Not produkt.

More and more do this and it will be the biggest strongest boycott barnacle of power can bare. They see you marching there.

Now, go! And watch them move away in fear.

January 22, 2017

Good Cracker

It's polls we have to stop. Polls influence election, not Russia

We're in this mess because candidates run for a year or more ahead and constantly bark at the public with "results" in their favor or against. MSM in bed with the paid interests.

I propose no more polls. We will see how it turns out.

Polls are not for you the voting citizen, they are for the investors in a candidate to see how well it's paying out with the public. Ad and marketing results.

We don't need 'em any more than we care about the new Cheezit campaign before we bite that new cracker.

January 21, 2017

Screw Trump it's Queen of Hearts

The end of World War II says wiki, in Europe.  

But now America.

We are Germany just before Hitler, a Nation of good folk antagonized by outside influences dominating all dunces home...land.

Ripping apart all seam.

Can we not learn the place we left off? Must it be again this destined dealt Fall? Off with their heads stop protesting Mall.

January 11, 2017

Concert and You See Punch and Judy

It is not the tethers some moveable mannequin Pinnochiochovitz, nor paid Settlements in Foundation a hyphenated name.

Far worse played are the strings of your purse, the others you curse, your reverse Magick in verse.

The violins of you for other ears worse.

January 8, 2017

On Off

Whose name turns on lightbulb
by applause
says Russia surely all the cause,
and knows we spend more to pay
Brits who make Propaganda USA.