October 13, 2017

Frock of Seagulls

Watch the pieces birdies!

This is part one of a two-step Iran deal. US wants to label Hezbollah and elite guards as terrorist entities. We lost regime change and made refugee sea in Syria, but need permission to bomb who really took out ISIS with other bad guy Russia.

We were only supposed to look like we were fighting ISIS and they took em out! How are we gonna bomb other sovereign places now?

Iran cannot be a power in the ME say two other places, with our bombs and boys. Just two peoples on the map:

Saudi Arabia

One is a brutal kingdom, not a Democracy, violating daily basic human rights and spreading Wahabi terror everywhere.

The other is a borderless, ethnic-religious state, something denied to Caliphate, and equally brutally law breakingly awful on the human rights record. And directory lobbies the US domestic government with a registered legal PAC.

Iran has not attacked a single nation and stay pretty much at home unless called on by friends in need.  America however has firepower and based all over the globe.

So, why are we in bed with such awful Mafioso religio influence who regularly slaughter the innocent people of the Middle East region? Easy! Cuz we're awful greedy murderous bastards who trick taxpayers into patriotism, and our leaders are syndicate approved thieves who made deals with rich desert Cabals and some wealthy white European invader colonists there.

Imperial wretch.

Oh yeah. The ol' two-step. Dancin' USA.

October 7, 2017

Down With OCCCRP

Not only is the Pentagon lying and covering up but Congress mocks you too.

BIRN and OCCRP reports confirm (and reporters have been fired for doing so too) that the US government already uses YOUR tax money to go buy lethal automatic rifles and weapons from former Russian bloc states and hands them out to terrorists to brutally slay and mutilate innocent civilians in places we ban from coming here.

To change regimes. While they use Russia as Bogeyman.

In other words, we are idiots to ask for a ban on buying weaponry domestically. Because we all are already buying lethal automatic weapons that kill whole hordes of innocent people ever day.

Billions of your dollars.

But... don't you dare buy one for you!

October 2, 2017

Stays in Vegas

"Senseless" act. Is there any other kind? Is there a mass shooting case where it does make "sense?" Ah, military. To mow 'em down while in uniform is ok. Outside that is same act just crazy out of costume.

The subliminal foundation we actually support as sensical, holds up the senseless, and our minds go on pretending the random one in public cannot be fathomed by any reason.

Like the two pots you smoke for same high - medical and recess. Like remembering "terrorism" is what states do to control publics. Not the jackoffs reloading on tin roofs. Stop selling arms. Stop war. Stop the need for them not the need to hoarde.

Ban international sales and home all at once and let's see the result. Countries and people.  It's the same sellers.

Maybe then brands will then bleed for  for a change.

September 30, 2017

Operation Songbird

So the mayor is lazy in wiped out Territory? Where you aimed a third whammy wary our need? Tweet tweet tweet the virulent hate.

Do people think this man, this bloated character created by media itself, is REALLY tweeting this crap?

Wake up. That's no man, it's a scripted operation -- lawmakers hand in hand with headline makers, one ran to look like a man so we all scream foul at him while the richies rape us blind in Congress. Operation Songbird, the Don in charge like in the movies, Mafia propped and real power in the wife and her lasagne.

Anyway...the Wizard of Oz showed you endgame.

Nobody has that many thumbs free in a day with a POTUS schedule alone. We have to stop falling for this. I mean, for heaven's sake the "vetted" name alone.

Stop getting angry at "him." At "his supporters." Stop thinking Spongebob the cartoon is so real you live underwater in a head next door.

We wanna help PR? Push cruise lines consumers! Press truck driver Unions! Fly them there like troops ourselves godammit. We'll do it.

Screw your stupid cartoon, Congress, we got this.

September 21, 2017

Jesus Is One Thing

Oh Morgan. Russia really? Your McCarthy Reiner proxy lie. How I watched it and recoiled.

Thought of Winston and the Ministry of Truth. Remembered twice dismembered SS Pancreas Osama spelled mailroom want-ad first letter, oddly U.

This Hyperbole Electric Company has me  dry vomiting for a Land and People we used to freely be.

September 15, 2017

Freedom is Not See

You are not free.
Because technically you live in a military dictatorship. Ya. They don't want you buying AK47s here at home but are willing to spend your money buying them for random terrorists overseas. YOUR hard-earned dollars. YOUR lack of refund in February. YOUR more than 15% out of pocket.
Without your consent. Just the OK from rich guys with military corporate "interests" aka Congress. Your money. Your morals.
Billions on millions needed here at home for hurricane cleanup and Medicare continue go to Balkanized Russia gun factories (where we intervene politically) to slaughter civilians in Syria while we cry Russia is intervening in America.
Bottom line - foreign aid AND proxy war for conquest are draining your pockets dry and sinking America in the global eye. Sorta like someone in the 1930s we know. And you have NO say in how your money is spent.
So much for freedom being defended.

July 31, 2017

Pigeon Lady

If all this Circus distraction, then look at who's tossing the bread!

Parrot Bay

Okay, TV, swipecast and drive time:

Remove "sources say" from every "news" story and try it again, only this time with authority.

No? Thought so.

July 22, 2017

Felony Schmellony

Go ahead.

Dismiss it if you will obsessive rant, but it affects you at the core if Democracy that's all. So go rant Russia and have a Latte--da.

Others, do go on!

My enrage is this. The Judicial branch of our own Federal government should NEVER punish an American citizen with prison and fines over the simple criticism of policy of a foreign country.

Estpecially with UN backing in fact.

Worse, one such singled out nation writ large our domestic Law and paid billions a year our tax dollar.


Democrats are traitors confirmed no stolen email for this! Treason's the reason my friends.

So go sip on that little Russian, doll.

July 16, 2017

Re Touched World

Mickey Mouse and GI Joe been at it quite some time. DARPA doodle day.

All this technology and where have we left truth? Your friend's boring drone at cafe my friend.

That's where.

July 14, 2017

Tiepin Taipei

Screw every politician wearing a lapel pin of a flag. Tilted right.
Utter bullshit. Ridiculous.
Thoughtless pinprick squeezing a nose o'er needle while Windsor in the mirror their morning ties.

July 12, 2017

Kozmo Not

So on the Trumpy Jr. emails bandwagon I just saw a comment out there that is pretty poignant in consideration of "meddling." There was no actual dossier, only a hired report about one. 

"Meanwhile, same month,
Hillary's Election Team paid $million's to ex-UK-spy Christopher Steele to go bribe Kremlin people for made-up "dirt" on Donald Trump. I guess THAT Russian meddling is FINE, since all the DeepState-controlled MSM ran with the "Dirty Dossier" story."

Meddling is a term they used on Scooby Doo.

All nation states have spies and do covert things to each other all the time, including at election time. We do it to them and they do it to us. Been that way for years! And not just Russia but Israel (AIPAC) and other huge benefactors since "Citizens United" said money is speech.

It's all a joke! Anyone out of country (or another country) with the cash and cover can filter it through and "influence" any election. The Social Media and hacking dirty letters are total red herrings and I am sick of it.

OK on the space station but enemy ball below.

Vanderbilt Ball

The same story goes generation after generation : humans slaughtered in streets and filthy garages at the hands of inhuman imposters. Listen to the stories and ask if they are such.


It goes the same way every time, citizens beaten beaten beaten rape rape kill by wandering armed thugs. For kicks. Literally.

While a legitimate state government pays and supplies them or willfully ignores moral duty, and it's Russian Revolution genocide again like you never heard.

Now how do you think they trick folks into paying for the all the guns bombs batons boys and bombs for the story to go on? And supplying fresh enemy meat to rip into?

Mickey freakin Mouse and Form 1040EZ, refund all yours. When the wealthy entertain, indeed.

July 4, 2017

And You Were There

holiday night.
the bombs
bursting in air,
and not a one
hitting the mark
as over there,
whole houses
like Dorothy gone.

Only dead,
not dreaming
of shoes.

At Liberty

Happy Froth y'all!

In the "well what can we do" fizzed firework department, easy! Just pledge to start swapping use of these everyday words going forward:

"Republic" for democracy
(the point of Leonard's song)

"Liberty" for freedom
As in "at" versus just got outta jail

Your friends will twisty face at first and not know why. Slowly though-- the bitters will kick in, and soon, no more dependance Day!

"I am not at liberty to discuss this sir."

Oh no? Get outta my way then... because I am.

I am American.

July 2, 2017

Red Barone

All this grrrr hate the Russian bogeyman and um..aren't we stuffed into a tin can up there in space with 'em right now? I mean, talk about military access same cockpit and fruitcup.

Yes we dropped em off with Frenchie in June but just April while we skyrocketed Syria... It was still Uber Soyuz to the panels in the sky our boyz.

"Space Stationed" while at war, big ball below.

June 27, 2017

Words like Hun

So tired of Orwellian word tricks to the masses.

"US forces in Syria have also been empowered to defend themselves and their allies against attack, which has led to a string of recent clashes with pro-regime forces competing for the same territory."

No, there are no "pro-regime" forces fighting for the "same territory."

There is only a sovereign country we invaded and bombed illegally, and its government has every right to use its own army and chosen allies to repel ALL hostile foreigners attacking it to protect its citizens. The US is in harm's way illegally. No right to be there. So Syrian forces are not COMPETING for territory -- they are regaining what was and is theirs back from a hostile invading force under false pretense.

Defending against, not combat with.

The US is NOT protecting Syrian citizens - that's the hogwash here. In fact we just banned all their women and children and asylum seekers from our shores while shelling their villages and  towns with bombs!! The other part of the word tricks is this "regime" business substituting for "state" where Syria is the ONLY secular state amid the religious extremist region of the Middle East - including Israel. America is a regime.

All of the other ME states are religious fundamentalists and monarchies who violate human rights daily, except for Syria which is secular, and the West wants to knock that shit right off the map because it upsets the divide slaughter and conquer motif we've been doing for decades.

June 10, 2017

Had a Little Lamb

And over there Yiddle Meast with nations in cahoots
we two sides arm to boots
and rip apart the body politic of
the one they say we want to conquer.
To rip apart at seam.

Slaughtership Down.

And what is happening here?
Same sponsored logsplitter I fear,
come home to splatter farm.
Frenemies fraternitas and Firm.

mint jelly and pewter.

April 7, 2017

Gasse (theatre) Masque

Pretty obvious, big business gold letter. To the T.

Those little kids frothed on your bar graphs, demon defense contractors. Rammed the upsurge right down their raspy little throats, you did.

And cut Big Bird here.

February 22, 2017

Insert Black Death

Ah the irony of our new well drill concurrent Easter Standard State thug evacuation order indigenous 2 PM sharp.

They should be mandated to build an oil bib, not beat and arrest Indians. Treaty schmeaty we needs oil. Your land and water as God? Screw you! It's to be used you savages!

Deadly petroleum disaster in pipe above fresh aquifer. Nature at risk and the report banned saying so.

But "get outta the way my big gas car!" you scream at "protester," sharing your very road home.

Water bottle back seat, for now.

February 9, 2017

One Two Three Another Doll in Thee

Moral equivalency world book for "good" actors according to NPR guest (on the Russian thing):

1. You can't just go annex your neighbors

2. You can't just go bombing your neighbor"s cities to rubble

3. You can't go meddling in another country's electoral and legislative system

1. Russia and Crimea
2. Russia and Allepo
3. Russia and Hack attack


1. Israel annexing Palestine
2. Israel decimating Gaza
3. Israel bankrolling Congress

...and making laws against free speech for criticizing one and two. While our taxes pay them millions a day. Russia is a total ruse, and we all fall for it like the Berlin Wall.

Settlements. And cash prizes all.

January 29, 2017


I call bullshit. The Ft. Lauderdale shooter was interviewed by the FBI -- they let him go. Pulse Nighclub? Same thing! Boston Marathon?

I'm almost every case the FBI has spoken to or had in custody before their murdering spree the very terrorists they first let go. How bad a job is that?

Don't ban entry ethnic effigy, fire FBI!

January 24, 2017

The Short of It

It's utter Blitzkrieg, meant to overwhelm you.

Take a step. Rest. You're not even shot... yet.

Look My Sign

We've BEEN fighting. We've endlessly protested. Shit's always been serious.  Crowds of people... and signs!

Cue: BofA creepy lobby mural of people with blank protest signs and barbwire.

Nothing changes with added fury.

Time to say WHATEVER to the deluge of antic in stream and LEAVE THAT FLOW. Consume TIME on something else rewarding to your Spirit. Not produkt.

More and more do this and it will be the biggest strongest boycott barnacle of power can bare. They see you marching there.

Now, go! And watch them move away in fear.

January 22, 2017

Good Cracker

It's polls we have to stop. Polls influence election, not Russia

We're in this mess because candidates run for a year or more ahead and constantly bark at the public with "results" in their favor or against. MSM in bed with the paid interests.

I propose no more polls. We will see how it turns out.

Polls are not for you the voting citizen, they are for the investors in a candidate to see how well it's paying out with the public. Ad and marketing results.

We don't need 'em any more than we care about the new Cheezit campaign before we bite that new cracker.

January 21, 2017

Screw Trump it's Queen of Hearts

The end of World War II says wiki, in Europe.  

But now America.

We are Germany just before Hitler, a Nation of good folk antagonized by outside influences dominating all dunces home...land.

Ripping apart all seam.

Can we not learn the place we left off? Must it be again this destined dealt Fall? Off with their heads stop protesting Mall.

January 11, 2017

Concert and You See Punch and Judy

It is not the tethers some moveable mannequin Pinnochiochovitz, nor paid Settlements in Foundation a hyphenated name.

Far worse played are the strings of your purse, the others you curse, your reverse Magick in verse.

The violins of you for other ears worse.

January 8, 2017

On Off

Whose name turns on lightbulb
by applause
says Russia surely all the cause,
and knows we spend more to pay
Brits who make Propaganda USA.