December 10, 2016


Wait, the very same Agency that does it to countries all over the world wants to cry foul when some Anonomitztky leaks terrible truth papers to press on presidential candidate?

Nooooo! That info tampered with my vote! (I hope so.)

Yes, the CIA murders innocent citizens far away so their Presidents do things we want - a little harsher backwards way of boggling other country's elections I guess.  All to install a dictatorship more to our interest. Almost in Syria too if it weren't for Russia meddling in Civil War! Wait. What?

Point is what Gary could not name is where logic finally fell. It is why a what's Allepo.

Is anyone listening?
Is this thing even on?

I knew the Trump thing a card, just didn't see the nice shot lined up afterwards till now. Everyone's all juiced up hating fake pony, so War Horse gets installed with full furvor, and the people will insist.

Order out indeed, Chaos extra cheese.

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