December 20, 2016

N P far (stretched)

This is pure NLP, or nuerolinguistic programming. Your "science" you love so much beamed right at you. Collective interrogation Intentionally devoid of any priori logic in a "head" line.

Think about that when you make a phone ring for a pledge. NLPR more likely.

Yes, a question inside your head in a flash, a trick of the trade, "moral" in magic words a potion that snidely asks us about our lack of resonse to a particular horror.

Without reminding you we created that horror. That we go on doing it elsewhere. This creates the empty space to drop in story of choice. A kind of bulk eraser, for you forget too we did nothing for Gaza just a couple summer's back... even re-armed the slaughterers midway through.  Why new year tears now? Babies and bleeding and rubble aren't new. We do it to the whole world through. Yemen even now.

By them burying SMH in a word trick, you actually purged the real story where we trained and supplied killers sent in by proxy who cut little boy's heads off on video, manufacture and use chemical weapons against civilians, horde supplies on siege, shoot them as they flee, kill drivers and burn the busses of freedom.

Forgot photo opps McCain and bandana boys. When Obama said train ISIL.

You are so far from the truth, in fact it hurts. That makes you weak and vulnerable to devious wands. Gotta direct your pain for power, so they get you to channel that in yell. Here, scream bad guy name!

The conductors up there, semi and all.

Problem is -- to fix such deep hurt truth must be faced by soul. You do not react on a moral scale to something evil you are doing.

You just stop doing it.

The morals will line up just after, promise.

NPR is a shill. Asking 'how should the international community have responded' makes the assumption someone else outside the international community did something. That they are initiatior and not reactor like us. In other words, propaganda.

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