December 17, 2016

Law of Distraction

Devil's in the details.

Leaked, jacked or otherwise blown by the wind, we still know it is all true fact that the DNC covertly suppressed the voice of delegates and voters.They rigged it so Bernie couldn't get by Primary. Elite are crow for mocking bird.

Clout - gone. They got caught in July wit their pants down and in November the Foundation flew. Debby and others quit and it was all scandal. When scandals happened before the Internet, did we ever say HEY how did that info get out? Shoot the messenger! Watergate?

Deep Throat says no and still cookin. 

So It doesn't matter how the information got out, it matters what the information IS. Realizing the Democratic Party for what it truly is - ironically, a hack - now THAT is what truly undermined the election.

Not some enemy overseas. Then we proxy lost Aleppo to its rightful steward - Assad. MSM and Prezzy want to distract by connecting the two same Ruskie. So you don't remember scandal and say bring back nice lady.

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