December 2, 2016

Joe the Cop (on TV)

New rule: Every cop in a blackop baton twirl mob gear lineup should have to have his/her name emboldened in clear letters across their helmets. Human accountability public ID.


Yup! Do you? Paint it so I can see! Turn on that chest-cop TV! Weed out the mercenary.

What? Is it already uniform code now, the Officer name? Hmmm. Cuz human sisters and brothers don't hose down families praying in the cold. They just couldn't do that to family.

Unless of course, they were just bastards in masks from cities and states across the U S, snow dispatched to ruin and maim.

So brothers and sisters are now Vets that go to show Mob who is boss despite roadblock supply store Main. This is the story. Not a tweet heard.


If you think the story as close as North Dakota is fake, then screw your Middle East a yardstick longer your 1040A.

Not worthy is worse than fake.

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