November 24, 2016

White Thursday

Grateful this day for our veterans who are dispatching to Dakota, and thankful to the Earth and water and her people that they vow to protect from our common marauders. Sad for state police mom and pop or retired cop leaving linens family tabletop, to man water cannon and grenade and staff a sewer stop.

So long ago this holiday we met in bounty. For all let's stay that way. For we have obscenely hoisted as giant balloon a parade flightless fowl the winter that us saved. We watch the game to tune out.

As the name goes, it was a Thankgiving feast to blood and treasure laid slain closer to Connecticut some landing rock higher, in other words, a horrific rite in dedication to evil done in some God's promise. 

And we pay today to do it Yiddle Meast too, besides all this. The Injun sports logo was just a wake-up.

Happy Thanksgiving truly all hearts filled true gratitude today.

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