October 29, 2016

Maybe, the Star

And then THE STAR
with all its might
gave to pitch new Light
and with lengthy tail escaped
the oldest orbital servitude
to the heavy planets,
celestial bodies
that fall right down.

ones who always followed,
circled all around
just because he glowed.

no troughbed treaden down
there borne forth yes, Messiah,
holy though the Message ...
True beacon...
the one and Only Fire.

Far below, in correlate
Infected Heaven
upon the CHOSEN ONE
this Earth, this Eden,
this magical journey ...
this tale of You
Now riding on a Star!

Beware the wizardhats
when they come.

October 22, 2016


What's Aleppo?


The true matter is USA just got accused of War Crimes at the UN (via killing Syrian Army soldiers a few weeks back).

So Russia "hacking an election" is their back story to divert you. We accuse Russia of the crime just accused us... only with bombs and sanctions. Why get mad at bomby bread trucks if you cripple whole people sanctions dead kid chemo?

Listen to the UN on the ground testimony.
It WAS us -- that's a fact. Says UN even.

All else is nonsense and hype to heat Cold War for pushback Yiddle Meast proxy Party. Battleships are moving.

Are you? This trick is old on you.

Try new.