September 24, 2016

Citizen Jerky

In the fracture of Free world now, the true concentration camps blatantly visible yet no one still sees, are those riot Causes that herd sheep (Shephard) the border collied Communist propaganda -- last dawn before wolf pack unleashed common pieces of stew.

Femur camps indeed.

Conspiracy, football controversy, puppet politician, whatever Mason Dixie trix. In your own stream, we are. Trot trot trot over to there, just to yell slogan in harmony -- instead of "help!" to bigger crowd who once could lend the needed hand -- instead of sticking together like you should have in every horror movie they showed you first.

Holly wood smoked flavor, and enough to go around for all.

September 10, 2016


Can't wait to 'celebrate the attacks!'

Sorry, right from Newsguy mouth. Wonder what Gitmo Clause will bring me?

September 8, 2016

Risky Ridge

The whole thing's run by companies.

Bloody Indians in Dakota prove that.

What's the lapdog say?

Rival rival all day.

Funny how Syria same crime chembomb and nuclear same us Iran are red lines drawn. 

Or Korean practice boom near our flagrant war games.

But continuing to destroy with bulldozer, bulldog, and bully the sacred grounds and Nature for a People the whole world knows against whom you committed genocide, is not.

We needs a new crayon peeps.

September 2, 2016

Extremist Sleep Number

Our allies in good and justice across the globe! Dropping bombs on babies just for us, while we go in.

"C'mon choppy blocks, c'mon whippie skins, c'mon post punish mannequins... there's evil down there needs doin!"


We are in bed both sides an East with murderous religious extremism, one Kindgom, one State. Fighting religious extremism.

Are we? Seems we bring it.

Sorry for the Lengthy Response

No one has time for lengthy words; it's to the point they wish to go. Such subjective summits bring bullets, feeds, and streams. Even silos.

These things then  the tools of raising and slaughtering herds. Nail gun pineal, my Santa Fe motel deco skulls.

It's what's for dinner. Shear not.