August 20, 2016

Bench , Beach and Beast

Proxy by hired terrorist, we pay 'rebels' to slaughter citizen to chase out refugee for "regime." Spring what? Uprising?

Well down comes bombs, Fool. Every time. Till now -- look what they've done to my drone... Mom.

Crecent and the balanced Middle East. Russia and China stop the Yiddle Meast moist grow.

We have always covertly fought "regimes" which are governments of countries really, bombed some places in their lines and called it war on other things not them. Down South, out there the same. Armed all mercenaries now suddenly dead doctors some village in letters from no hospital standing.

The kid's face on a bench.

The one you forgot on the beach fore face down. And now... The Biblical proportion Nostra Dramus that could all of us drown.

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