July 1, 2016

Grass Patch Fever

For one gunman one single man, paychecks cut all villagers and today all homes closed off own road while in hundreds troop march a military search from invading side. July, getting ready to 'mow the lawn' again, get all coy -  play incitement Hyde and missile speak... the headlines do not ever match the story  underneath. Not even Dems and all that doze dare speak from platforms raised above such hot coals. 

Because grass roots is winning they will cut down souls.

Sequence of events ignored for a  military grade mommy murder brigade twice a fortnight this, so says flash-blade drawn armed soldier Pioneer outpost style centuries old in conquest modern Era ever guilt. The apologies indigenous so reserved, Federal we do now serve.,. paid in slaughter till all debt due bled out pores. Security the Social will then be in total yours.

And they say I am anti Semantic.

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