June 12, 2016

Prophetic Pulse

You be watching, too. (signoff).
We live in Times that are Sriptured, where everything done to us is Rite in wrong. Dates and number correlate days, events, "prophecy." This the good News!  Do not ask "why" at the horrors as they unfold. Read the living Book. Fifty days for fifty lives and an all-nighter in disguise?
I'm so infused. What's the Penta cost?
Why that's just as crazy as making your favorite story come true by dressing up your neighbors, the heathens they all slew. In some schtick of Holly aimed evr'y wood the Presto of dark night. Art arc and coven ant.
Raptured, 50 souls a mousetown magic castle overnight. Bleeds my handheld heart.

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