May 6, 2016

Rockem Sockem Blockheads

Two golf clubs don't make a right.

"It's not a public election, it's a party election. The rules are created by party bylaws, not government. This is because political parties have a first amendment right to exist and government interference in the process would be (most likely) be unconstitutional."

Wow! Kill all the lawyers, wasn't it sweet Bard? Private party?

Public office!

It is the input to the public election my dears, and your scrimshaw whittle at my guy is NOT free to be you and me.

Superdelegates were created within Party structures, not Constitutional electoral prescription. In other words the mob can steal your vote and you let it by saying there are just two parties.

Undemocratic in every principle and admitted by the DNC in place to stop grassroots candidates cold.

Got that Amerika? Not a public vote. A party one. Meh, say all the elites from other golf courses at big golf course show. Your guy didn't make it. So sorry.

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