December 20, 2016

N P far (stretched)

This is pure NLP, or nuerolinguistic programming. Your "science" you love so much beamed right at you. Collective interrogation Intentionally devoid of any priori logic in a "head" line.

Think about that when you make a phone ring for a pledge. NLPR more likely.

Yes, a question inside your head in a flash, a trick of the trade, "moral" in magic words a potion that snidely asks us about our lack of resonse to a particular horror.

Without reminding you we created that horror. That we go on doing it elsewhere. This creates the empty space to drop in story of choice. A kind of bulk eraser, for you forget too we did nothing for Gaza just a couple summer's back... even re-armed the slaughterers midway through.  Why new year tears now? Babies and bleeding and rubble aren't new. We do it to the whole world through. Yemen even now.

By them burying SMH in a word trick, you actually purged the real story where we trained and supplied killers sent in by proxy who cut little boy's heads off on video, manufacture and use chemical weapons against civilians, horde supplies on siege, shoot them as they flee, kill drivers and burn the busses of freedom.

Forgot photo opps McCain and bandana boys. When Obama said train ISIL.

You are so far from the truth, in fact it hurts. That makes you weak and vulnerable to devious wands. Gotta direct your pain for power, so they get you to channel that in yell. Here, scream bad guy name!

The conductors up there, semi and all.

Problem is -- to fix such deep hurt truth must be faced by soul. You do not react on a moral scale to something evil you are doing.

You just stop doing it.

The morals will line up just after, promise.

NPR is a shill. Asking 'how should the international community have responded' makes the assumption someone else outside the international community did something. That they are initiatior and not reactor like us. In other words, propaganda.

December 18, 2016

Giggle It

Censorship is never an option in a free society.

Then again I giggle at the masses not seeing themselves labelled dunce for difference of lens...and that military R&D brought us to Facebook in the first place.

DERPA, lol. Giggle, see?

They'll get you to buy it online, and make you assume it's brick and mortar, too.

December 13, 2016

Do It,Then React Like It Wasn't You

The West should not be ashamed at its lack of response in Syria. Au contraire. It should be ashamed of what has happened there as a result of its actions first -- both by proxy and coalition.

December 12, 2016

Fake Dossier

Snowden Clause didn't leak fake News to Wikileaks. That shit's REAL and he's a criminal for releasing it. Poor Manning too, locked up for true stuff we did.

Any leak is by default sharing secret truth. You sign papers for jobs saying you won't too.

So if Wikileals is fake news, let Snowden and Manning go. fakeRight? I mean, it can't be espionage of it's only a cartoon you shared.

December 10, 2016


Wait, the very same Agency that does it to countries all over the world wants to cry foul when some Anonomitztky leaks terrible truth papers to press on presidential candidate?

Nooooo! That info tampered with my vote! (I hope so.)

Yes, the CIA murders innocent citizens far away so their Presidents do things we want - a little harsher backwards way of boggling other country's elections I guess.  All to install a dictatorship more to our interest. Almost in Syria too if it weren't for Russia meddling in Civil War! Wait. What?

Point is what Gary could not name is where logic finally fell. It is why a what's Allepo.

Is anyone listening?
Is this thing even on?

I knew the Trump thing a card, just didn't see the nice shot lined up afterwards till now. Everyone's all juiced up hating fake pony, so War Horse gets installed with full furvor, and the people will insist.

Order out indeed, Chaos extra cheese.

Election Hack

They say sources say anonymous leads confirm individuals may be connected to RNC & DNC communications that were leaked by Russian hackers.
What did the communications say though? The DNC did whittle out Bernie with tricks. They downright censored legitimate platform language on subjects surfaced by Dr. Cornel West.
Shuddup! That's not the story!
Ultimately, when you look at it, both these private, domestic, non-government corporate entities manipulate the American election every cycle...
We essentially turn over electoral control to two private parties who can exclude any other voice from public debate on stage and in media.
Just whom is hacking the American political system again?

December 4, 2016

Channel it Right

Don't call the politicians.
Petitions are useless.
You sign enough.
Numbers they want are only ballots recount.
Wrong audience.

Harass all Editors.
Write in to corporate Boards of News.
Call each and every station.
Jam the phones in the control room.
Streak in front of the weatherman's green screen.
Get anchors at the grocery store.
Demand the story to be heard.
Argue on the air.

The wallowing politicians
will choke and follow.

Cry oil

Standing Rock: apt for for the ultimate stand against the enemy within. The real vote out tyranny - ignored. Contdown not recount. Real voice in action...

Domestic police versus our Nation's heroes. A Constitutional divide in freedom and Patriotism. $ome wolves like that barnyard divide, just sayin. So that's you won't see it on TV.

Obama the Cicero now Nero says let it all Play out.

Tweet tweet tweet went wiggie full of wheat.

And on your kitchen ledge is dish soap Dawn, selling you on clean by showing you the dirty pipeline birds it washed.

Sleep well in this Divide.

December 2, 2016

Joe the Cop (on TV)

New rule: Every cop in a blackop baton twirl mob gear lineup should have to have his/her name emboldened in clear letters across their helmets. Human accountability public ID.


Yup! Do you? Paint it so I can see! Turn on that chest-cop TV! Weed out the mercenary.

What? Is it already uniform code now, the Officer name? Hmmm. Cuz human sisters and brothers don't hose down families praying in the cold. They just couldn't do that to family.

Unless of course, they were just bastards in masks from cities and states across the U S, snow dispatched to ruin and maim.

So brothers and sisters are now Vets that go to show Mob who is boss despite roadblock supply store Main. This is the story. Not a tweet heard.


If you think the story as close as North Dakota is fake, then screw your Middle East a yardstick longer your 1040A.

Not worthy is worse than fake.

November 24, 2016

White Thursday

Grateful this day for our veterans who are dispatching to Dakota, and thankful to the Earth and water and her people that they vow to protect from our common marauders. Sad for state police mom and pop or retired cop leaving linens family tabletop, to man water cannon and grenade and staff a sewer stop.

So long ago this holiday we met in bounty. For all let's stay that way. For we have obscenely hoisted as giant balloon a parade flightless fowl the winter that us saved. We watch the game to tune out.

As the name goes, it was a Thankgiving feast to blood and treasure laid slain closer to Connecticut some landing rock higher, in other words, a horrific rite in dedication to evil done in some God's promise. 

And we pay today to do it Yiddle Meast too, besides all this. The Injun sports logo was just a wake-up.

Happy Thanksgiving truly all hearts filled true gratitude today.

November 21, 2016

Savages Still


What IS  the story of Thanksgiving about? Who are the characters from history again? What are you celebrating t off from work this week again?

Irony Day.

A black hole in our soul for the myth of celebration. That's Rite.

No matter land deed or trust, politics or bust, these are sacred people here first and worthy of respect as they are not protesting, but protecting, your same good clean water and Mother Earth whom they remain bonded to in spirit and religion.

Their great Spirit is our callous "resource."

So happy thanksgiving in bounty the tribes and you. Watch the Hose em down. This Act is beyond insult to not only them, but YOU.

This is happening to you.

November 10, 2016

Ikea Man

It doesn't matter who is in office or majoritied sacred hall. You are government. We could all stop it.

Go there and be office.

November 9, 2016

Break 2016

Trump was just an actor, a catalyst to speed up the takeover -- then kill weak.

Pool table break the free citizens of a mighty Union, so every state split 50/50 and hating fringe.

Cui bono?

Easy peasy, no more bloc-block.

October 29, 2016

Maybe, the Star

And then THE STAR
with all its might
gave to pitch new Light
and with lengthy tail escaped
the oldest orbital servitude
to the heavy planets,
celestial bodies
that fall right down.

ones who always followed,
circled all around
just because he glowed.

no troughbed treaden down
there borne forth yes, Messiah,
holy though the Message ...
True beacon...
the one and Only Fire.

Far below, in correlate
Infected Heaven
upon the CHOSEN ONE
this Earth, this Eden,
this magical journey ...
this tale of You
Now riding on a Star!

Beware the wizardhats
when they come.

October 22, 2016


What's Aleppo?


The true matter is USA just got accused of War Crimes at the UN (via killing Syrian Army soldiers a few weeks back).

So Russia "hacking an election" is their back story to divert you. We accuse Russia of the crime just accused us... only with bombs and sanctions. Why get mad at bomby bread trucks if you cripple whole people sanctions dead kid chemo?

Listen to the UN on the ground testimony.
It WAS us -- that's a fact. Says UN even.

All else is nonsense and hype to heat Cold War for pushback Yiddle Meast proxy Party. Battleships are moving.

Are you? This trick is old on you.

Try new.

September 24, 2016

Citizen Jerky

In the fracture of Free world now, the true concentration camps blatantly visible yet no one still sees, are those riot Causes that herd sheep (Shephard) the border collied Communist propaganda -- last dawn before wolf pack unleashed common pieces of stew.

Femur camps indeed.

Conspiracy, football controversy, puppet politician, whatever Mason Dixie trix. In your own stream, we are. Trot trot trot over to there, just to yell slogan in harmony -- instead of "help!" to bigger crowd who once could lend the needed hand -- instead of sticking together like you should have in every horror movie they showed you first.

Holly wood smoked flavor, and enough to go around for all.

September 10, 2016


Can't wait to 'celebrate the attacks!'

Sorry, right from Newsguy mouth. Wonder what Gitmo Clause will bring me?

September 8, 2016

Risky Ridge

The whole thing's run by companies.

Bloody Indians in Dakota prove that.

What's the lapdog say?

Rival rival all day.

Funny how Syria same crime chembomb and nuclear same us Iran are red lines drawn. 

Or Korean practice boom near our flagrant war games.

But continuing to destroy with bulldozer, bulldog, and bully the sacred grounds and Nature for a People the whole world knows against whom you committed genocide, is not.

We needs a new crayon peeps.

September 2, 2016

Extremist Sleep Number

Our allies in good and justice across the globe! Dropping bombs on babies just for us, while we go in.

"C'mon choppy blocks, c'mon whippie skins, c'mon post punish mannequins... there's evil down there needs doin!"


We are in bed both sides an East with murderous religious extremism, one Kindgom, one State. Fighting religious extremism.

Are we? Seems we bring it.

Sorry for the Lengthy Response

No one has time for lengthy words; it's to the point they wish to go. Such subjective summits bring bullets, feeds, and streams. Even silos.

These things then  the tools of raising and slaughtering herds. Nail gun pineal, my Santa Fe motel deco skulls.

It's what's for dinner. Shear not.

August 26, 2016

More Teflon than Bill

Just 4 years ago, these Hillary clips prove bluntly on her lips, we made and trained and bought the terrorists to fight Russians and win. Oh they fell!

The same goes now, 2016. Her lips!

Us takin turns with Russia knocking out the glove got them worst! We made! Poor civies splintered in the mix. This time though, Putin pissed not same trick. One horse bareback the Apocalypse. And China too. Persia.

Tippie top turvey Asia east and west all called Meddle ...of the road.

August 20, 2016

Bench , Beach and Beast

Proxy by hired terrorist, we pay 'rebels' to slaughter citizen to chase out refugee for "regime." Spring what? Uprising?

Well down comes bombs, Fool. Every time. Till now -- look what they've done to my drone... Mom.

Crecent and the balanced Middle East. Russia and China stop the Yiddle Meast moist grow.

We have always covertly fought "regimes" which are governments of countries really, bombed some places in their lines and called it war on other things not them. Down South, out there the same. Armed all mercenaries now suddenly dead doctors some village in letters from no hospital standing.

The kid's face on a bench.

The one you forgot on the beach fore face down. And now... The Biblical proportion Nostra Dramus that could all of us drown.

August 18, 2016

The Double Yous & Pillars

Listen for the story about the passport dead hijacker had stoled 90s old a flutter cinderstone two thousand and won. And gasp.
Anyway if you wade meteoric rhetoric till end, you'll see, hand on hips, he's right on the (gulp)... money.
Oh Ferdinand here it stands

July 4, 2016

Hapi Birthday

A Statue a day
keeps the dawning away,
tier layered the stars and Crowley the bars,
Appollo to Mars --
she-he dons dress and sternfully waits
held houselight to guide Dick District its fates
in a most monumental Light porn,
Consort goodwood teeth and cherry tree down
Erector set street sigils drawn
all spring to life at Summer's end veil.
The Baby is born!
Cradled in Armistice such heavy volume,
A Book not of Law but a date,
crowned candles seven in cake,
with most assuredly, a rich Bavarian cream.

July 1, 2016

Grass Patch Fever

For one gunman one single man, paychecks cut all villagers and today all homes closed off own road while in hundreds troop march a military search from invading side. July, getting ready to 'mow the lawn' again, get all coy -  play incitement Hyde and missile speak... the headlines do not ever match the story  underneath. Not even Dems and all that doze dare speak from platforms raised above such hot coals. 

Because grass roots is winning they will cut down souls.

Sequence of events ignored for a  military grade mommy murder brigade twice a fortnight this, so says flash-blade drawn armed soldier Pioneer outpost style centuries old in conquest modern Era ever guilt. The apologies indigenous so reserved, Federal we do now serve.,. paid in slaughter till all debt due bled out pores. Security the Social will then be in total yours.

And they say I am anti Semantic.

June 15, 2016

Dialect Box

Ignore the memeframe 
they had to hang it Kook 
for truth a Mona Lisa closer look. 
The godess worshipped in esotertica-Murica,
one third a nationstate in Name,
greek porcelain 
so hot Shakespeare named her in refrain.
The ammophant in the room is Grand mommyphore for... 
endless stupid war. 

Nay, killing. 
For profit. 
For sacrifice.
The complex Cabal 
works to say no play at home 
(look, dead gays) 
while murderous rinse repeat same game. 

Bin who?

Been Russian no Afghanistan that's who!
SS Pancreas sunk at sea! 
NYC so sad a day fell Eleventee.
Iraq, let's play! 
Oops here are guns go topple toosey today! 

We left the keys in all the bombs.
Murderers who blew off arms
knowing full well what came next. 
Our necks!
Don't you know the Dialect? 
The manufactured terrorism on your dollar credit-chequed?
And now you pay. 
And once again all twisted up with gay.

Know what I hate? Blindness. 
On my effing back. 
And laughing pricks one eye whole world.
How's that addage go?

June 12, 2016

Prophetic Pulse

You be watching, too. (signoff).
We live in Times that are Sriptured, where everything done to us is Rite in wrong. Dates and number correlate days, events, "prophecy." This the good News!  Do not ask "why" at the horrors as they unfold. Read the living Book. Fifty days for fifty lives and an all-nighter in disguise?
I'm so infused. What's the Penta cost?
Why that's just as crazy as making your favorite story come true by dressing up your neighbors, the heathens they all slew. In some schtick of Holly aimed evr'y wood the Presto of dark night. Art arc and coven ant.
Raptured, 50 souls a mousetown magic castle overnight. Bleeds my handheld heart.

May 6, 2016

Rockem Sockem Blockheads

Two golf clubs don't make a right.

"It's not a public election, it's a party election. The rules are created by party bylaws, not government. This is because political parties have a first amendment right to exist and government interference in the process would be (most likely) be unconstitutional."

Wow! Kill all the lawyers, wasn't it sweet Bard? Private party?

Public office!

It is the input to the public election my dears, and your scrimshaw whittle at my guy is NOT free to be you and me.

Superdelegates were created within Party structures, not Constitutional electoral prescription. In other words the mob can steal your vote and you let it by saying there are just two parties.

Undemocratic in every principle and admitted by the DNC in place to stop grassroots candidates cold.

Got that Amerika? Not a public vote. A party one. Meh, say all the elites from other golf courses at big golf course show. Your guy didn't make it. So sorry.

Next : Electoral College - a different kind of deep lifelong debt