November 17, 2015

Paris and a Hollow Horse

If you can't see either Dipper, your constellations are amuck. Heed the symbols, folks, and you'll read the language cold in one Dei I promise you.
Paris and Columbia each map pentagrammed in street zone planned, bricks laid down long ago all Set for Discord's Play. This is not a Syrian issue, any more than 9-11 was Iraqi. Both trace to Saudi Arabia if anywhere --fact. We know this. They behead hundreds a year and head the UN Human Rights council. Yes blame Syria instead, whose roving foreign streetkillers we paid to torture the refugees now flooding World Woe III. Who used the chemical weapons, fact proven in no Press.

Used to be just flat bread to everyone Deli.

Now the Cabal just can't seem to conquer Syria for Bank and buck, oil and occult origin, save a Goddess lettered name invoked in blood.

Oui Paris, mais le monde.

ISIS guy #1 on way to shoot up everyone:
" Hey Ralph don't forget your passport!"
ISIS guy #2 running out door all Ninja dressed:
"Shit you're right, always forget my passport when I dress like a Ninja commando with bombs on! I'll have to back - left it on the dresser."
ISIS guy #1, worried:
"Geez Ralph you'll throw off the whole plan! Go back and get it. Everyone re-sync thanks to Ralph. We all have our passports on us now?"

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