August 29, 2015

Citizens Untied

Hey, let me ask you this. If a penalty for breaking the law can be $250, like a fine, then how can money ALSO be free speech?

How can something the Government uses to punish the People be also their upheld right to freely voice ideas?

Think about THAT.

August 17, 2015

Huckabeery Fib

Repubo President wannabe Hukabee flies to Israel tomorrow. US Air? Anyway inportant business ensues;  time off work for Senator such business trip:

“This is essentially arming and equipping a terrorist state. The Iranian government is not to be trusted. And for 36 years, they kidnapped Americans. They have killed Americans. They hold Americans hostage right now,' says HUCK.

WOW HUCK that sounds dangerous!

BUT WHOA HUCK it's we who have killed Iranians! They have not sent spies in to do that to us, but we did. We even worked with Nazis to do it! "Bahram Shahrokh, a trainee of Joseph Goebbels," headed up the propaganda campaign.

OH HUCK tell us more about our own US Operation TPAJAX on Iran just before that 36 years you so carefully carve out of history!!!

IT'S HISTORY HUCK for in 1953 it was the United States who recklessly killed innocent Iranian civilians and forcibly removed their democratically elected government - for oil. Look up "1953 Iranian Coup d'etat."

C'MON HUCK who's dangerous now? Who is the REAL terrorist? Why the red, white and coup! The terrorist USA, whose official policy was to use thugs and gangs to kill innocent people in another country, that's who.

Bad deal indeed.