June 19, 2015

Collective Subterror

You've surely seen the show by now. Roof in a hot tin room? 

The family of forgiveness to hollow eyes a mug moving in the squirm? Yes, the NC capture, as in AVI MOV MPG and surely endless Flash.

Pre-trial Bond Hearing with victim's statements? Isn't that arraignment? I'm no lawyer. Intentionally impartial a jury is never found now though, fair not.

But see as much do listen.

The salt and pepper police backdrop guards: iconic -- and I'm certain, randomly ironic as a day goes by in prosecution. But time Magazine Gloomface right into camera you -- this is new, and 9/11 strong a collective brand.

Captured and walked proofed of bullets right to car, his contorted faces, tounge out places, all made at shutterspeed for the feed of social and unsocial media at once, to frame up same old story in  different useful ways for days to Kingdom come.

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