November 17, 2015

Paris and a Hollow Horse

If you can't see either Dipper, your constellations are amuck. Heed the symbols, folks, and you'll read the language cold in one Dei I promise you.
Paris and Columbia each map pentagrammed in street zone planned, bricks laid down long ago all Set for Discord's Play. This is not a Syrian issue, any more than 9-11 was Iraqi. Both trace to Saudi Arabia if anywhere --fact. We know this. They behead hundreds a year and head the UN Human Rights council. Yes blame Syria instead, whose roving foreign streetkillers we paid to torture the refugees now flooding World Woe III. Who used the chemical weapons, fact proven in no Press.

Used to be just flat bread to everyone Deli.

Now the Cabal just can't seem to conquer Syria for Bank and buck, oil and occult origin, save a Goddess lettered name invoked in blood.

Oui Paris, mais le monde.

ISIS guy #1 on way to shoot up everyone:
" Hey Ralph don't forget your passport!"
ISIS guy #2 running out door all Ninja dressed:
"Shit you're right, always forget my passport when I dress like a Ninja commando with bombs on! I'll have to back - left it on the dresser."
ISIS guy #1, worried:
"Geez Ralph you'll throw off the whole plan! Go back and get it. Everyone re-sync thanks to Ralph. We all have our passports on us now?"

August 29, 2015

Citizens Untied

Hey, let me ask you this. If a penalty for breaking the law can be $250, like a fine, then how can money ALSO be free speech?

How can something the Government uses to punish the People be also their upheld right to freely voice ideas?

Think about THAT.

August 17, 2015

Huckabeery Fib

Repubo President wannabe Hukabee flies to Israel tomorrow. US Air? Anyway inportant business ensues;  time off work for Senator such business trip:

“This is essentially arming and equipping a terrorist state. The Iranian government is not to be trusted. And for 36 years, they kidnapped Americans. They have killed Americans. They hold Americans hostage right now,' says HUCK.

WOW HUCK that sounds dangerous!

BUT WHOA HUCK it's we who have killed Iranians! They have not sent spies in to do that to us, but we did. We even worked with Nazis to do it! "Bahram Shahrokh, a trainee of Joseph Goebbels," headed up the propaganda campaign.

OH HUCK tell us more about our own US Operation TPAJAX on Iran just before that 36 years you so carefully carve out of history!!!

IT'S HISTORY HUCK for in 1953 it was the United States who recklessly killed innocent Iranian civilians and forcibly removed their democratically elected government - for oil. Look up "1953 Iranian Coup d'etat."

C'MON HUCK who's dangerous now? Who is the REAL terrorist? Why the red, white and coup! The terrorist USA, whose official policy was to use thugs and gangs to kill innocent people in another country, that's who.

Bad deal indeed.

July 9, 2015

Fourteen Hundred Ninety-Two

Conquering resources and land are the blood of colonization for capitalist empire vampire.

Today the US lies to, steals from, and in these modern times, breaks treaty with and attacks native people .... for the land they are on and have been for generations.. Israel the same. Land is worth more to corporations than are you.

The State has just declared war on these people by claiming their land and thank Gaia they stand up. When a militarized industrial war machine culture crosses tribal eartbound folk who do not "value" priceless land, that machine becomes effective at genocide as phase I construction. The land is free and its people worthless.

The queen still reigns, smiles about dangerous savages getting what they deserve, while Columbus on stipend is busy slaughtering everyone.

"Discovering" their bloody land.

June 23, 2015

False Flag is the Rebel for a Gun

Beyond 500 now.

Consider how ridiculous this is when right now we are fighting over a piece of cloth we say flies but stays stuck to a pole.

When more people are killed by the state than by enemies of it, it will do anything it can to have you look the other way.

Like fear each other shooting on crowds, when it's kinda them by the numbers.

Or a divergent narrative about flag. Which ironically if operation or not, has turned out to be.

June 20, 2015

Middle Fresco, not East

In the wake of the First AME SC shooting. I cannot bear to hear bland dismissals as "so senseless" and righteous rhetoricals of "why?" That's lazy and cruel. You KNOW why. It is part of the Plan.


This is it, the one you missed because it's two stories high. Big answer, signed EQ.
Lobby. But not for you.

Right there with cushions for contemplation and ignored. How can you miss the whole (first) story? 

We all walk right through it every day, badged upstairs even, but will never ever see it coming.

Unless like my Charlotte friends, can dare a moment for a mall and just go see. That'll chill your Starbucks I promise.

June 19, 2015

Collective Subterror

You've surely seen the show by now. Roof in a hot tin room? 

The family of forgiveness to hollow eyes a mug moving in the squirm? Yes, the NC capture, as in AVI MOV MPG and surely endless Flash.

Pre-trial Bond Hearing with victim's statements? Isn't that arraignment? I'm no lawyer. Intentionally impartial a jury is never found now though, fair not.

But see as much do listen.

The salt and pepper police backdrop guards: iconic -- and I'm certain, randomly ironic as a day goes by in prosecution. But time Magazine Gloomface right into camera you -- this is new, and 9/11 strong a collective brand.

Captured and walked proofed of bullets right to car, his contorted faces, tounge out places, all made at shutterspeed for the feed of social and unsocial media at once, to frame up same old story in  different useful ways for days to Kingdom come.

June 18, 2015

Up, Periscope!

They want a race war to rip us apart so bad I can taste it. And the religious war is the icing on the cake. Hey they already cancelled the straw poll. Maybe there is no 2016 election, just the money.

People, don't fall. It's your nation and here come the police to put it down. Your cussin' and All.


Say it with me now.

June 10, 2015


OMG so sick of POTUS and all the other insipid airport army acronymphs. SCOTUS too. Enough newspeak.

Articles, ironically here, are by rule not part!

We are not the USOA are we? Should be PUSA and USSC.

Imposter CEO a District be. What robes, IDK. Of course, there's "the White House today said," another guy altogether too I think.

Say, has anyone seen the president of the United States of America around?

The head of the Union?