September 14, 2014

Told You So, I Said


Anything on Raggedy Ann?

No-one will listen to this. But everyone should, because it is armament for what comes next. 

Makes sense the chaos of every spinning headline your dizzy daze just wants to fade away.
So, back to NFL and elevator beat-downs a wife.

So.... Bomb! Bomb! BOMB!

Bombs away what we call teddy bears "air strikes." Light and fluffy death rains down on Terrortown more Toons the teeth are bared. Mercanaries in! No boots upon some ground, black Ops murderers new LLC - but just as guilty nonetheless.

So, good luck bubblegum. Go buy that dress. How pretty you look today. Nothing to see here but tomorrow hiding behind a cloud.


"It's Roman numeral ready!!" I want to Laryngitis risk a madman of a scream. WW capital three I's, not lower case 'http.' Aorta busts full steam my engine room my bleeding heart now that I cannot bear this warning for a label that just sticks to me.

Oh Chicken Little, I say, just give it up already and bread yourself, jump on into vat. I know... I know... they only want you fried. And some Coke with that.

So News or not the Truth, these events are now to come.

Iran will respond to proxy Syria and there's nothing you can do. The axis against the Dollar has grown to a very big International Three. Now the globe has real rival teams, chomping at the bit... and the global populace of you and me the "useless eaters" still a hick mini Stonehenge says got to go.

Conditions are so RIPE. Fruit so hung so low it jumps in front of you Still Life! Every domino erect!  The dots look good to me.

And that is why thousands of lives are fodder now, blood sacrifice for cartels Don now a god, and Billy goes off a hero to yet another War polls seem ok a nod - Congressy not a couch of cadavers in consultation the leaders of said House.