May 12, 2014

Measley Peasley Pie

They're making unemployment bureaucracy SO bad now it's downright HARASSMENT.

First a 3-hour mandatory "class" on their job search engine that says "apply on company website" just like LinkedIn.... Then there's the "form check" to monitor progress - - though now they REALLY bring you it in and fill it out their way now... when you call in you are reminded of ALL this on the line like prison check-in.

There is even a picture of HANDCUFFS on the weekly certification page.

And last night, a change your secret security question came up to file weekly certification. Not PASSWORD mind you - Security question, like I lost my login and PW. Who DOES that?  You change that first and then it said enter your new PIN. Wha??? Needless to say everyone got locked out and nobody could file last night.

We were all on the phone this AM dialing in to have our accounts unfrozen and lost a whole day of Governor Wigsley's Measley Peasley as a result. And he got more interest in it.

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