March 31, 2014

Deep Fishy Dive Indeed

My stomach turns as if twice died Bin Laden.

Witness true Hollywood magic at its finest: draw the people's attention away from the real source of the problem...the lovely crisscross cloudskies in progress outside every day called (quite scientifically):

Fat gorilla in a room. An elephant, scared shitless and white. The bitchin new threads of Emperor. Seeded skies though, sounds so sci-fi, like tall blue aliens or something, instead of the real blue sky intentionally gone white in plane truth.

Oh, humans did it all right. Corporate rich ones like those "citizens united" for free speechmoney.  Not my hairspray nor your single commute. Blame the metal compounds and salt intentionally put there on an international campaign of literally man manipulating the biosphere, presumably to block cosmic heat, but do NOT grassroot the common man consuming sloppily his carbinsootfootprint and call him on bad recycling.

Publicly denied is not secret, and salaried EPA whitecoats screaming squirrel when raised trails of chemicals in samples of research no conspiracy.

You can't design or build Geo, folks. The missing link is "re-"

All I'm sayin is if this new hype venture does NOT ever mention Geoengineering already in progress as part of "human blame" then it is to be dismissed as sheer propaganda and ball cup Titanica miltarily Tinseltowned.

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