January 11, 2014

The Only Pot Issue Here Seems to Be -- Hey Is That Frog Soup or Not?

In response to the article today about being fired for being under the influence of medical MJ despite States legalizing it. 

Since 2001
US Government Patent Hopes to WIN Big on Medical Marijuana
Contrast this continued J Edgar Hoover-pitch prosecution by our Government on current legal users as we argue our the jurisdiction big or Sovereign the state DESPITE THE FACT over 50% of Americans are polling in favor of decriminalization.So basically the We the People say - Enough DEA! Just let it be, let it be! And they say.... er, no.
So IN WHOSE INTEREST THEN, are we locking out? Granny Cataracts and Jonny I can't eat and it's killing me?

This is not about getting high at work or  being a doobie. .. LOL 

This is all about AGENCY, that which usurps the rights of free and represented men (and women) all over THIS REPUBLIC and like a cancer grows. Liberty is a Tree. We are supposed to have BRANCHES. Even in employment this rings true. All contracts and Agencies, rarely now the FTE. The United States cannot be so in Agency.

The original Balance of Powers, including the essential nod to the Fourth Estate of a Free Press independent of Corporate influence and paycheck and Hollywood clout, has slipped over the edge of a surreal world like poor old Dali clock with no backbone to hold up Time. A tiny window, maybe it still is there to turn around the ship of sorry State.

That you have to take a test at work which produces a judicial artifact - a Chain of Custody - is enough to tell you ol' Govvy is not in your body right now but sure is real close. It's really about Article IV consistency in respecting Sovereignty of State versus this Columbia place with regard to Commerce, and they are using HR to to the dirty work as an individual Reporting Agency to a very questionable network of recently consolidated enforcement of Laws for somewhere named HOMELAND.


So ask yourself ... why do Corporations get to have have different rules for the IRS and EPA but not the DEA -- the right  to follow the ones enacted only  by the states for taxes relative to you THE CITIZENS ENGAGED IN THEIR EMPLOYMENT?

The Balance of Government is askew because we connected it all up national militarily to local police and investigatory. We obliterated walls to feel secure.We have government agents at the workplace in HR using chains of custody on innocent people to mange the reporting in on use of drugs, i.e a federal crime but in some places.

Tepid water or is it rapidly boiling away?

You see, if we let Colorado / California be as is, then the thing we call "The Government" can't have its Mafia confiscation liquidation asset build model any more, which has been massively funding and building a new Gestapo all along with the help of the Patriot Act. What to do with DEA once this plant is deemed ok? DEA dogs? NSA field links? Drones? Prisons? International Cartels? My Rose Garden? The WTC?

KUDZOO is actually more of a hazard to us than is the Mary Jane!

Although it has some terrible neighbors on the list, there's nothing scientific nor statistic that rates it as dangerous as its company on on the AXIS OF EVIL DRUGS controlled substances other than THEY SAY it is a stepping stone to decadence and the ones in this bunch. Let me say that again. Doctors in fact say otherwise. Hearsay sends out armies of police and prints reams of news and locks up half the world they try to pull off as FREE  in a puff of smoke and mirrors that wouldn't hold up in a traffic court.

With the reasoning the government has applied on Weed's terrible dangers on DuPont's behalf so artificial strings could mast mighty sails of ships of past mighty Hemp billowed in the wind to the New County. Washington's farm in bloom. Our Father of the country grew it and sold it. The 'can" in Cannabis is the 'can" in canvas, by the way.

Probably on a more threatening scale to the worrisome and wrinkling Elite is that these seeds of God and inner vision and love and and and certain non-entheogenistic ralliers, Jesus Christ himself was a petty criminal and common thief and His company upon execution by the State  would naturally just lead us that way in thinking.

More too than any of us pansies at a church picnic concerned with cake two puppets a man on top. ALL THIS TRULY IS BLOODSHOT EYED distraction from the Pillars of Rome and their infiltrants home as Nero sets to play.  As each town poor and poorer seems to be, how rich this new regional infrastructure be! Bless the pot leaves burned for the dollar that head on up to sky and get the birdies wanting Doritos, and strengthen force the District from Afar to really help you see your country being made safe at home, secure.

When in truth it is the very thing these shadowy creeps are tapping into while you're turned the other way.

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