September 25, 2009

They Fight for Our Freedom

Oh yeah? What freedom is that again?

If you can sit and watch this and not get upset, then you are dead inside. Because the U.S. Constitution CLEARLY establishes that every citizen has the right to freedom of assembly, without any permitting process thank you (as in Congress shall make no law). This was a peaceful protest and the Pennsylvania Criminal Code was cited to call it unlawful.

Sue! Everyone that was there needs to sue the fucking city of Pittsburgh! I want to see the exact provision cited. What jurisdiction can supersede your Constitutional right with some breach or a permit? None!! Don't let them fool you Amerika! Where is the ACLU on this?

September 11, 2009

Eight Years of Song and Dance

Well Deek won't have the full version of "911 the Musical" out until Christmas, but he's released this tasty nugget on the national remembrance. No matter how you feel about whether the destruction of the World Trade Center was a deliberate act perpetrated by our own government, the most important thing to consider is this: a single terrorist act would not have divide and conquer as its motive.