November 10, 2008

War is Dead and So Are We

I was thinking, looking at all video games and the news, that we don't really FIGHT wars any more. A fight is fair. The other guy gets to knock us around, too. No, these days we don't even engage them the do like in the movies.

We exterminate. Decimate. We totally eradicate the enemy and his houses and villages and cites and towns right where he lives – like rats. Might as well have big giant kooshy-hammers that bang down on moles' heads popping up out of sandy caves.

Oh wait, that's pretty much the strategy in Afghanistan already.

So really, it follows then, there is no such thing as WAR any more. Sure, we tell the boys who want to dress up and kill that we FIGHT. But really, it's more like we force our way. We tell the boys….we fight for things. For what's right. Land for one, even if there are people on it already. Decimate. Destroy.

Ideas, for another. Empty things – just words and stories really, but always leading to bleeding to death on purpose in filthy homeless streets. Where is the fight here? When did they hit you? Cold little girls afraid in the dark crushed to death by bedroom bricks blown open from 4 AM bombing missions. Can't help hit a few good horses getting the rats. If terror is anything, it's something much more powerful than you striking you dead while you were sleeping safe and sound.

Everyone else is a terrorist though.

You know back in WWII, the Japanese pilots crashed their planes not into towers of financial wealth, but battleships of war. These were the first suicide bombers. They killed lots of soldiers, even though we eventually fried to a crisp each and every one of their grandmas in a several mile radius of kids and playgrounds. And now the funny thing is they own the greatest part of our national debt. I the taxpayer owe these people and I didn't even do it. We literally locked them up by the family in cages and camps, crimes or not, and now they will have us in the poor house slaving away for them forever for generations to come. So, better fight those terrorists out there.

This means WAR.

Against no country.

Against no people.

No one place.

Just an idea. Fundamentalism, played to the end.

And this is not Hiroshima?

These are not poisoned blankets offered by firemen?

The killing of the Buffalo?

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Anonymous said...

We Humans think we're so HIGH and MIGHTY! Animals never had a war! who's the real Animals?!