July 3, 2008

Thisrael right here (not that one)

Welcome to the end of the world people. Bush just told Israel (after coming back from there a week ago), "don't go bomb Iran." Excuse me, but aren't these the People who brought us the Ten Commandments -- all negative, prohibitive phrases which are just psychological tricks getting us to do the very thing they say not to?


Well, I think the illegal state wars, genocides, and ethnic cleansing (now CLASS cleansing in Africa and Latin America for voters and union activists) point to that one pretty much failing. In fact, every one of the "Commandments" Israel said Moses brought down is automatically set up for intentional failure. The rules should have been set in a more positive statement -- like -- "Have a peanut butter jelly sandwich." We all would be better off today.

The great trick began in so-called Eden, when an omnipotent being said "don't touch that tree." Classic stupid humans! Of course they would. Or at least her. In any case, it's all in the Book about the Tribes of Israel, or Bible as we call it today. So when irony reaches this level of outward global presentation, I just know we're in for a ride of biblical proportions.

Here we are again with the absolute setup. Might as well be a bearded loony on a mountain: Bush comes home from birthday parties in Israel and knows full well he can't invade/attack Iran -- Iraq paved the way but it's just still not kosher enough for us to do it. So Israel will drop the bombs and start it, and we will have to join in.

After all Israel is our (best armed) friend in that region. Genius. All in the plan. Sleep tight Amerika!

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