May 2, 2020

What Color Is Donkey Again?

Vote Blue! Or any, or none. What color is donkey again?Your personal vote will never out-do corporate influence EVER. You simply 'do not count' where it counts most! That is the joke in "election of a lifetime!" They make the guy a living hell so your hand is forced. Then say you win, the other hand gets tipped "supporter" crazy opposition and gridlock in between. Shutdown 13 year olds in suits. The never ending trick and you the ball between two Hands.

The peak polarity has been already been achieved. Ask any numbers expert! It was "Craftily" bred first among the big Numbers. Pools emerged in big data, in came Marketing, and City Hall was on board too, and eternal campaign soon revealed the rivers divide by device in hand. Aimed 'butrussia-bot" and Dukes of Hazard hood and BOOM.  The voting game is icing odds the cake is all. Hair piled high in carriage. Waiting for bad fruit tossed.

Exponentially up or down a show at the polls will make NO DIFFERENCE in the whole game in every End. The 'or else' paradigm is desperate Vegas greed at the craps, trying to win against crooked mob House, and threatening others better divvy in your one bet. 

We did not ever attempt to flatten the curve of politics and thus, lockdown it is. Tell me you talk to Senators. How your voice counts. Yet all swoon count and doth protest any integer that dare not fill the math of two points opposed. Screw that OLD LINE it's Dimension to the People we need restored.

#CitizenUnited stole your voice forever in that booth. #Corporations got human rights. Both #RNC and #DNC are private corporations, not government ANYTHING. A judge just dismissed as small claims court business transaction major proven election rigging by the DNC.

"We have no choice!" is mete fear porn rails for herd worse than any virus #pandemic for every single election is SAME OUTCOME: Polar or nothing. 50/50 and 98% in! Chads and apps! 

All Red Blue and Purple like a bruise. The lie is we all have to go one way or the other to get to the All, the one that's blocked the two ways in same Guard.

Your last meaningful middle class hope in any government say was in portfolio #divestment but they just took that away pretty much. 

So hillbillies all, there's always Kool Aid to blast through DC wall though. Our Moonshine.


August 10, 2019

Blood Sacrifice, Bank Wall

When #Newsweek said it and no one twitched. Nor followed up apparently. Oh wait - hacking hacks and #RT! Whew. When Orthodoxy claimed old trope. 

But, bank of America lobby Great Work no envelope.

When examined at length, the actual players and horrific chronology of the  "Russian" Revolution though -- a hundred years ago not far --  will still give you great context to the events of WW times two quickly following, with their biblical trenches of dying and filth, on to atomic hellfire innocent shells in Japan, leading to now with a bit of "terrorism" old as red hat rising on top for Cherry taking. This 'desert' long in the making, and no, the other s is left out this time.

Hegel well that Ends well! Dialectic is electric! Blood for stars. The polarization of politic and pulverization of poverty in great phases of 7 billion souled Alchemy. Vassals & Vessels. The use of prefix on conquest word. The imposition of History on genetic flowering. The importing of explosive civil wars and "color revolutions" to domestic tranquilities...

...all of it brought via Teslan spell by #PNAC, #BehemianGrove and City States so old -- their etched geography roads, laughing and having a 'ball' as you worship their literal glowing orange idol.

An aptly named Card.

Is trope a Wall?

June 2, 2019

Meddle & Black Kettle

THIS is why I did not vote for her (nor 45). Well a few other good reasons too. But if non state Russians and Wikileaks brought me this truth, bless them for it.

So basically I voted based on precisely the reasons they are scaring you about Russia. They told me about my own people #Undermining #Democracy!

Get it? The very people that do it say go to war with those they accuse. #Enough. And now #Iran again? Our 50s coup wasn't enough?

"In 2016 a 2006 audio tape emerged that contains an interview by Eli Chomsky of the Jewish Press with Hillary Clinton. Clinton opined that pushing for elections "in the Palestinian territories ... was a big mistake", adding "(a)nd if we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win."

They did worse. After Hamas won, your American #taxes paid for arming and training #PLO thugs to go attack Gaza citizens on the street and start a Civil War. Sound familiar? Over and over again and we the people don't learn.

It's coming here, next fools. Trump is the bugle! Just look at these names (your heroes):

"Vanity Fair has obtained confidential documents, since corroborated by sources in the U.S. and Palestine, which lay bare a covert initiative, approved by Bush and implemented by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams, to provoke a Palestinian civil war. The plan was for forces led by Dahlan, and armed with new weapons supplied at America's behest, to give Fatah the muscle it needed to remove the democratically elected Hamas-led government from power. (The State Department "

#ElliotAbrams #CoupCaptain #ForeignInterference #electionmeddling #Palestine #Gaza #WhenDidWeNazi #BoilerPlateDominion

February 12, 2019

Not a Single Sorry

No need to apologize! We all need to own it when truth is scary And this truth is certainly that. 

Omar is absolutely right! #GuardianUK you forgot to mention that Bill in the last sentence also forks over $38 Billion American cash money, not just silences American free speech on Israel. Americans are done apologizing for saying what truly is happening to their country by outside influence.

So go ahead and be offended. I'm offended by #AIPAC as a taxpaying American because a foreign country's interests have been prioritized over our services for our own People.

The treason is in legislative priority, not a bad word or offensive bigoted remarks. 

"AIPAC itself does not make political contributions and is in fact legally prohibited from doing so. Instead it uses its considerable resources ($3 million annual lobbying budget) to link current and aspiring members of Congress with pro-Israel donors. AIPAC’s projection of invincibility encourages political candidates and officeholders to accept pro-Israel contributions or risk seeing those funds go to their opponents. For example, former Congressman Paul Findley and former Senator Charles Percy lost their seats for failure to adhere to the AIPAC line.

The AIPAC-led pro-Israel lobby is probably the strongest, best organized and most effective lobby network in Washington DC. For the 2015-2016 election cycle, the pro-Israel network has already dispensed $4,255,136 in contributions. The largest single amount ($259,688) went to Senator Charles Schumer of New York."

Oh. So a Hollywood branded pretend politic franchise pyramid scheme lobby aggregator of State then, incorporated on foreign interest, to rob one country's Treasury for the interest of another.

With Gala events amd Oscars for Congressmen thanking Donors big screen TV. Have I got it?

It needs to be registered under #FARA once and for all - it's been suggested and fought for decades look it up -' for that is exactly what it does - advocate single favor for a foreign country and pool money sources for contributions while not giving them directly. A loopy loophole crying foul to truth and trying on bigotry as a defense shield. Nope. No more. It's not a #trope when it's true, and there are two undercover documentaries to prove it (Google "The Lobby - USA"). This is all total distraction so you won't hear Congressional debate on #S1 and #HR336 while a #shutdown looms again for Americans and Israel will be sitting pretty instead on our taxes.

So say it loud. Congress is voting right now to send BILLIONS to Israel at the behest of AIPAC during a #shutdown of services for Americans. Follow the money! It is about money, influence and campaigning. It is NOT about Shared Values. The nonsense about "only Democracy" is DONE. #BDS and click the hashtag to see the #SharedValues Pelosi is talking about.

>Defying UN Resolutions and threatening the ICC Court judges is Shared Values!
>Shooting kids eyes out by sniper, mowing down medics, journalists and mothers is Shared Values!
>Stealing land and destroying homes to make people homeless in winter on purpose is Shared Values.
>Extrajudicial execution of refugees rightfully resisting occupation per UN while on their land is Shared Values.
>Oh, and military siege by land, sea and air and illegal Occupation of a civilian population with no freedom of movement not even to fish is...Shared Values!
>Bombing heavily populated ghettos by military jets where the residents are blocked from escape? Shared Values!
>#Apartheid and the new road in one side them one side us - now that's Shared Values!
>Foreign country flying members of Congress and their families all expense paid gift vacations to Israel so they'll vote one way only is ... Shared Values!

Give it up #Democrats and #Pelosi your time is done. You have got to respect human rights and the interests of Americans first, then you can go stuff your coffers. Right is Right and to say it "offends you" to ignore the bigger offense is ludicrous, conniving and quite simply DONE. No one is buying it but you - quite literally.

#IStandWithIlhanOmar #IStandWithMLH #IStandWithAngelaDavis #TheLobbyUSA  #TheyDareToSpeakOut book on Amazon by Congressman Paul Findley - get it

January 29, 2019

Foreign Law

We must stop the #neocons from both parties legislating #foreignpolicy into US domestic Law. Aimed right at you their hegemony fund.

It's why we have #Diplomats.

Treason, destroying Democracy from within. And getting away with it cuz you're too busy waiting for next installment Trump and Puty show on News.

You are literally giving away your Nation day by day watching a Circus while international oligarchs and plutocrats laugh all the way to Davos with their Complex buddies.

#ForeignAndDomestic #EnemyWithin #Russiagate #ActNow

January 27, 2019

Australia Columbus Day

Brexit BBCland classified humans as animals into the 1960s so they could slaughter them.

OI mate my steak is Barbie at #Outback!

Human: Null and void.